Seven Steps to Intranet Success

From: Odyssey Interactive
Published: Thu Mar 31 2005

Harnessed correctly, intranet solutions can deliver real and tangible results to your company, boosting efficiency and creativity, streamlining work patterns and increasing staff efficiency and satisfaction.

By integrating directly into core business processes, the intranet can deliver concrete and measurable business benefits. The intranet is a means of improving decision making and supporting internal communications, an invaluable and comprehensive single-source company resource.

Intranet success does not come overnight. Here, Nigel Danson looks at seven steps you can take to optimise your site.

1. Decentralised Content Management

It’s critical to every intranet’s success that the business managers, not IT staff, manage the content. By delegating management of e-business operations to non-technical business people and letting them control that information flow, your intranet has its best chance for growth.

IT staff, rather than managing the site or acting as some censorial gatekeeper, can focus their energies on providing training, advice and resources for the business managers who have an instinctive grasp of their work and can ensure accurate and relevant news of their sector.

2. Killer Applications. Make your intranet one to die for

Services or applications that are used frequently and are a particularly valuable resource to staff - killer applications - generate greater use and awareness of the intranet. By incorporating killer applications, you’ll make the intranet a practical platform to work from.

Make your intranet a virtual notice board, one they can’t do without. Give people the information they need for their job, such as staff directories, phone books and access to the employee leave system and they’ll thank you for it. Give them the information they need to make their job easier and bespoke systems to increase efficiency, such as datasheet searches and holiday booking systems, and they’ll really thank you.

3. Imaginative uses for the Intranet

Additional, imaginative use of the intranet leads to a far faster take-up of the technology.

Employee incentive schemes can be developed online to reward dedicated service. The Intranet can also serve as a forum for a bright ideas scheme, where new ideas can be proposed to improve working practice or generate new business. A dedicated screen in the reception area can welcome guests and provide live news feed on company or international affairs.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

4. Simple Interface
A highly usable system offers advantages to both users and business. An interface that enables employees to complete their tasks simply, quickly and without frustration will save your business time and money.
An intranet should be easy to use for all, regardless of their level of IT literacy. A simple and user-friendly interface can be developed for employees, one that helps the user with timely prompts and allows them to correct errors easily.
The primary benefits to users are that they are able to achieve their tasks easily and efficiently. The feeling of achievement that people get when they use a computer system without frustration should not be underestimated.

5. Education
A formal induction and training session on the site will help employees realise the relevance of the intranet and its importance in business operations. Knowing how and why to use the intranet will encourage uptake.

Education plays an important role in helping staff to increase their key skills and knowledge base and to feel valued. Staff are a company’s most valuable asset; trained staff even more so.

Knowledge of the intranet will not only improve business efficiency, but also improve morale and productivity levels.

6. Review and Improve

Employees are more likely to use the intranet if they have confidence in its content and management. The primary purpose of most intranets is to provide staff with the information they need for their roles and unless the information provided is consistent, accurate, comprehensive and appropriate, staff will seek the information from alternative sources.

Certain content can quickly become stale, giving the impression of an undervalued and underused intranet. Regular evaluation will ensure an effective site with the most up-to-date and accurate information.

7. And finally…Marketing the goods

Excited about your intranet? Well, let’s hear about it! You’ve invested time, money and resources into developing your Intranet, now it’s time to shout about it.

Promotional activities are an ideal way to generate awareness and interest in the intranet amongst potential users. A competition to launch or find a name for your intranet generates valuable awareness and gets people onto the site, clicking on the links and searching for ideas.

Targeting the audience with newsletters and promotional activities will promote what the intranet can do for you and how it can make your work life easier and more fulfilling.

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