Fingr Launches Android App to Help You Stand Up for the Little Locations that Matter

From: Fingr
Published: Tue Sep 16 2014

Simple Pie, LLC dba Fingr releases Fingr worldwide for Android. Fingr is the supreme mobile discussion forum for locations. With Fingr, users tie conversations to a GPS coordinate. Conversations are then overlaid onto the real world, so it’s easy to see what’s being talked about where. Unlike other "hyperlocal" apps, Fingr enables users to talk about the smallest of small locations. Discussions are no longer limited to restaurants, or businesses, or places with an address.

Fingr improves upon the location-centric discussion paradigm because it makes it equally easy for people to get more out of wherever they are AND wherever they want to be. Fingr users have the option of tying conversations to their current location or to a remote location. For example, Fingr users can easily point out exactly where they are currently tailgating amidst the sea of identical-looking asphalt. Equally, Finger users can easily keep tabs on that awesome swimming hole that they visited on their last vacation -- long after they’re back at their cubicles thousands of miles away.

Fingr Features:
Streetcorner-level granularity as opposed to global neighborhood-level
Augmented Reality overlay of nearby conversations on the real-world
Map display of conversations anywhere
Anonymous public discussions
Circle of Influence mechanism rewards active participation

Fingr Pricing & Availability:
Fingr is a free app on the Google Play Store. Fingr for iOS is forthcoming.

Fingr is optimized for Android 4.0 or above. Android 2.2 is the minimum required.

Fingr Media Materials:
Screenshots and other related media are available for download here:

Fingr Company Information:
Fingr is a hyperlocal entertainment company.

Fingr’s mission is to create fun experiences that tie digital content to real-world locations. We don’t make products for everyone; we make them for people who like to have fun—with locations.
Company: Fingr
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Contact Phone: 323-452-3543

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