Three Dads Invent Smartphone App That Revolutionizes Personal Safety

Published: Tue Sep 23 2014

It uses complex technology, but its operation is simple. You install PerpAlert on your smartphone – iPhone or Android – positioning its recognizable red icon on your home screen in a place for easy access. If a threatening person approaches you, you simply aim your phone at him, press the button and his photo is captured and sent to three people with the exact location, time and date. If he continues toward you – you can let him know his image has been sent to the authorities and the police can respond to your location immediately.

What just happened: with that one-touch the PerpAlert app instantly activated the camera and captured three photos of the potential "perp", each of them time and date-stamped with the precise GPS coordinates detailed on the bottom of the pictures. Those photos were instantly sent via email to up to three individuals whom the PerpAlert user selected in advance.

What happens next: those individuals will immediately call you to make sure you are OK and if you need help of any kind. The "perp" has realized you are not a soft-target and has moved on. And if not, police are called and are en-route, armed with a photo of the "perp" and his precise location.

"All our girls were in college and we wish we had come up with this sooner. We are glad the Patent Office and Apple APPS and Android APPS have blessed it. High school and college age kids are a very mobile bunch", says co-founder Michael Moran. "Because we realized their smartphones can be terrific tools to keep them safe and to keep us in the loop if there is a problem of any kind, we invented the PerpAlert. There’s never been anything like this. We can immediately know if our loved one needs help, and with the photos and GPS locator, we’ll know exactly where and what kind of help is needed."

"Another good use of this app: when our kids are driving any distance, we always tell them to, ‘Call us when you get there’. Now they can take a selfie using PerpAlert to show us they got there and we will also know where ‘there’ is!"

"PerpAlert on your smartphone is kind of like having a security guard alongside you. It gives great peace of mind to everyone who has it, and their family."

PerpAlert is available now in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store at the introductory price of $1.99/year, which includes automatic upgrades.

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