Lea Beven "After three days you'll be buying houses"

From: Totalmouse
Published: Tue Feb 15 2005

She's only 31, but Lea Beven has done more than fifty property deals. And now she’s showing others how to follow in her footsteps.
The amazing Lea Beven is only interested in people who really want to make serious money through property investment. Her all action training in property investment costs £7,500 - but compresses 13 years of hectic experience into three days of fast- talking, door knocking and buttering up letting agents and house sellers, while sourcing reliable builders.
And at the end of three days she expects her clients to be buying property. One lady recently concluded her training by offering on nine properties and buying six of them, while at the same negotiating for three others.
"No classroom theory for my clients. They’re here to learn the practicalities of buying property as an investment and I show them exactly how to do it," says Lea. "We bear gifts to estate agents and letting agents, and we go out looking for areas of demand for rented accommodation. I aim to build my clients a team of people working for them, which is why the local agents, with their wide knowledge of the locality, are vital."
Lea comes prepared with some nifty tricks up her sleeve. "I’m gadget mad so I carry around an assortment of things to help me. My damp detector is an important gadget - if I find damp that’s a good negotiating point. Next comes my electricity socket tester. Dodgy electrics mean more negotiating. I’m also handy with a screwdriver and pliers when I find cupboards and doors that won’t open."
The lively Lea - known as Lady Lea in discussion forums - runs a string of web sites via her Totalmouse Limited organisation and loves her role in entrepreneurial Britain. "I’ve been accused of following American-style tactics, but I’ve only ever read one book by an American. I am pure Brit and simply operate my own system."
Lea will be at the hugely popular Homebuyers Show in London from February 25th-27th, where she’s exhibiting, and hosting two seminars, "Refurbish To Let Or To Sell - The Difference" and "Off Plan Investments - The Pitfalls". The queue for seats is expected to be long - this is her third year at the show and she has a huge following.
Her vast experience of buying off plan will be turned into a learning experience for her
audience, says Lea, who also has one-to-one clients who willingly pay £250 an hour for her unique advice.
"This is the UK’s largest residential property exhibition, with 120 seminars on all aspects of buying, selling and financing your property at home and abroad. Its where the serious investors flock to for advice, and they can talk to me personally. Its very exciting," says Lea. "I tell
them about the things which have helped me, right down to when and when not to replace
a bathroom suite. These things are important."
"I have to keep busy; I can’t stand still," says Lea, who has returned to live in Shifnal, Shropshire, where it all started. Away from exhibitions and seminars she's in demand for
her one-to-one training. "My hands-on training is three days of learning. My clients expect value for money and to go away fully armed with the experience they need to go out and do what I did. They will also be fully equipped with their own team of estate agents, letting agents and builders by day three."
Lea says she spurns classroom style mass teaching because she believes everyone is unique. "We have different learning paces, different life skills, different finances and different goals. I put myself into the shoes of my clients and offer them strategies that are just for them alone."
So what about the homebuyer seminars? "They’re different. I’m giving the audience the benefit of my mistakes and experience from property investing. They are from all walks of life, very often people worried dearly about their pensions. They want to take the plunge but they are nervous about getting it wrong. I try to dispel some of their fears, while sharing with them my mistakes. They respect me for the honesty."
Lea’s company web site is www.totalmouse.com or talk to her and hear her speak on February 25th-27th at the Homebuyers Show at the Excel.


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