Choose Your Poison: Personal or Population Medicene

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Published: Tue Oct 21 2014

Award winning author Dr. Deane Waldman,MD, MBA has done his homework as a pediatric cardiologist for over 36 years and knows that we must make a choice between population medicine or personal medicine, now, in order to protect our health and those we love.

In his book ‘The Cancer in Healthcare: How Greed Is Killing What We Love’ Dr. Waldman demonstrates how healthcare itself has become a sick patient, with a cancerous bureaucracy that is hurting both doctor and patient alike. That a father-knows-best mentality of the Affordable Care Act system is making important choices for us that are undermining medical providers ability to give the best patient care; and in some cases, whether we will receive care at all.

In his article "Choose Your Poison!* he states that population medicine means that some panel, committee or group determines what it considers cost-effective for a population - and what care is ‘authorized’ for us - whereas personal medicine allows you and your doctor to determine your options after weighing long-term medical effects as well as financial considerations. That if we ignore this question now, the choice will be made for it is in Canada, Great Britain and New Zealand; where certain treatments, such as kidney dialysis, are withheld due to your age.
Dr. Waldman is working at the grass roots level to start a national dialog to talk about what good patient care should look like, so we can begin to over-haul a top-heavy bureaucratic system that is costing us billions, into a user-friendly system that will allow doctors to be the ones to practice medicine on the patient, instead of an anonymous administrator who doesn’t know the patient or actual situation. In short, Dr. Deane wants to put the ‘care’ back into our healthcare system.
Dr. Deane Waldman, M.D., MBA is the author of "The Cancer in Healthcare", was appointed by the Governor to the Board of Directors of the New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange, Adjunct Scholar for the Rio Grande Foundation; and is former Emeritus Professor of University of New Mexico (both Medical and Management Schools). He is the host of Newsletter & Forum
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- Cardiologist creates ‘We the Patients’ national forum for new dialog
- Gives prescription on how to a heal our sick healthcare system
- Wants to put the ‘care’ back in healthcare system

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