The Secret of Dental Bearing

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Published: Wed Dec 03 2014

When I begin to contact bearing, I think that the bearing family is very huge. At the same time, I also think that the bearing family is very wonderful. Take small size miniature bearing for an example, dental bearing is a necessary part of this kind of bearing.

Dental bearing, although its size is small, the small bearing body has super big energy (Its rotation speed can reach to 400,000 ~ 450,000 rpm). Of course, the naming way of dental bearing is also a little different. Dental bearing model has a long suffix, each letter or number in the suffix has its indispensable role. If we ignore a number or letter, then the bearing you have purchased can't meet your application requirements. In addition, you can know more about dental bearings for different dental handpieces from dental bearings

Most of customers choose high speed dental bearing. The races of high speed dental bearing are AISI 440C stainless steel material with good anti-corrosion performance. The cage can be TL, Ti or Phenolic. The material of balls can be steel and silicon nitride. Most of customers prefer to choose silicon nitride ceramic balls. In addition, there are also some other types, such as bearing with cover or flange, outer race with step or groove, and angular contact type.

I'll take an example for your reference, as follows:
S -- The material of races is AISI 440C.
R144 -- Common inch bearing model;
K1 -- angular contact type (inner race can be separated). K2 is also angular contact type (outer race can be separated). If the dental bearing suffix doesn't have K1 or K2, then it is deep groove ball type.
TL -- Cage material. The cage can also be Ti and Phenolic and so on.
K -- Outer race with stage. Sometimes it is G. G -- outer race with recess.
Z -- With cover. Z1 refers to integral cover.
W -- The width of inner and outer races is 2.78mm. W02 -- The width of outer race is 2.38mm, the width of inner race is 2.78mm. If the suffix doesn't have any part number, then the width of inner and outer races is 2.38mm.
N -- Silicon nitride ceramic balls. It refers to steel balls without N.
(8) -- It means that the dental bearing has 8 balls structure. If it doesn't have suffix, then the bearing is 7 balls structure. The majority of dental bearing is 7 balls structure.

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