6th Annual Universe Day (Dec 31/Jan1) A Day of Global Celebration and Climate Awareness

From: universespirit.org
Published: Fri Dec 26 2014

Universe Day is also a bit different from Earth Day, in that it educates about how the principles of universe and planetary evolution can be used to successfully solve our greatest personal and societal challenges. Universe Day this year is also focused on solving our planet’s largest challenge the global warming/climate destabilization cliff by using a universe-scaled evolutionary worldview.

The Universe Day annual messages are derived in part from the wisdom of Albert Einstein, who said, "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." The challenges we now face on a planetary scale—such as severe climate destabilization, wars, environmental pollution and an unstable global economy—have serious consequences. Rather than allow ourselves to feel overwhelmed by these challenges, we can, as Einstein suggests, adopt an entirely new way of thinking. Such is the impetus behind Universe Day: to expand our awareness of new approaches to solving these issues by adopting the broader and more useful scale of thinking as found in a new Universe Evolutionary Worldview.

"Evolution of the universe is the core system process that sustains our existence—both personal and planetary. We are all embedded in this unstoppable developmental flow of the universe's evolutionary process, which is the single most dominant and controlling factor of all life," says Lawrence Wollersheim, a director at the Universe Institute. "Recent innovations in cosmology and evolutionary biology have revealed more about the evolution of life and the cosmos in the last twenty years than in all the previous eras of human history. For the first time, humanity is now capable of seeing itself from the biggest possible perspective. Humanity has finally found itself and its place embedded within the biggest, most successful, inter-connected and inter-dependent process there is—universe evolution."

In true Millennial style, the Universe Day message and event is a no-ownership, no-egos, get-the-message-out-now local and international co-created event. Imitate it, adapt it, improve it. "Steal it, even, if it hastens the spread of its vital message," says Wollersheim.

Universe Day (TheUniverseDay.org) invites everyone everywhere to self-organize and create their own local events. Click here for tips on how to do this.

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Ideas are always welcomed that engage the levels of self, community, planet, and universe.

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The Fifth Annual Universe Day is facilitated by Universe Spirit (universespirit.org) is a non-profit organization that teaches about Planetary and Universe Citizenship, Sustainable Prosperity, Job One for Humanity (reversing climate destabilization and how the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview can be used to create a just, prosperous and sustainable world for all. The Universe Institute (universeinstitute.org) is a non-profit think tank researching planetary challenges using evolutionary, whole- universe system perspectives and dialectical, complex-systems thinking processes. The Universe Institute also co sponsors Universe Day.
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