Patients prefer The Medical House’s “ASI” AutoSafety Injector

Published: Tue May 06 2008

Research undertaken by major international pharmaceutical clients of The Medical House (TMH) of Sheffield has shown that TMH’s disposable AutoSafety Injector (ASI) autoinjector system is the preferred choice of patients who need to inject their own medicines. In research trials, the full results of which are confidential due to their sensitive commercial nature, a clear majority of patients favoured The Medical House’s proprietary technology.

Ian Townsend, Chairman of The Medical House, said: "We are naturally very excited by these results as they prove to us beyond reasonable doubt what we have known for some time. Our own autoinjector system is not only an innovative design; patients really like its simplicity and say they would prefer to use it over alternative systems.

"This is particularly significant because the continued global growth in uptake of autoinjector systems requires patients to have confidence in the technology and to feel it is an easy-to-use, safe and convenient option."

The research found that TMH’s ASI was the patients’ device of choice, since it can be properly & comfortably manipulated by patients who suffer from conditions which make self-injection extremely challenging. TMH’s ASI requires only minimal expertise and dexterity, whilst there is no need to change hand positions during the injection process, which would prove to be difficult for many patients. In a number of studies, up to 95% of patients suffering from a range of ailments said they would use the ASI to inject their drugs, including those whose conditions means that they may otherwise have been considered unlikely to cope well with self-injection.

The vast majority of respondents felt TMH’s ASI was the easiest to use of devices offered as it has a very intuitive operation, has fewer user steps than alternative products, and doesn’t require any particular strength or expertise to use, making it suitable for a wide range of patients, including the elderly and those with conditions which affect their dexterity – such as arthritis. It is not even necessary to have perfect eyesight to use the ASI. The majority of respondents considered activation without a button (as is the case with the ASI) preferable to a device that would require manually pushing a button to make it work.

Ian Townsend adds: "As well as patients, clinicians preferred our ASI device. These trials indicated that nurses would happily recommend that their patients use our technology, whereas over a sizeable proportion of nurses stated that would not recommend alternative technologies to their patients."

TMH’s ASI has an intuitive, two-step operation, with no buttons, triggers or catches to press, and with safe automatic retraction and capture of the used needle.

The multi-centre trials took place in a number of locations in USA and Europe.

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