MIE Solutions Releases Advanced File Conversion Capability

From: MIE Solutions
Published: Wed May 13 2015

MIE Solutions (www.mie-solutions.com) a leading manufacturing ERP software authority, today announced the release of, MIE File Reader, an advanced file conversion capability for MIE Trak Pro.

MIE Trak Pro software now has the ability to take PDF purchase order files from a customer and automatically convert them into sales orders. The ability to parse a customer purchase order into its relevant pieces of information and automatically create a sales order is a massive time saver. Not only is time saved, but also mistakes are eliminated because no typing is required. Just simply drop the PDF file into a folder on your network and the order can be imported effortlessly into MIE Trak Pro.

The ability to process files is not limited to PDF’s, you can now drop any consistent file from your customer, including PDF, Excel, CSV or a standard text file, on your network and they can be imported directly into MIE Trak Pro.

Another possible use of this functionality is to obtain a list of jobs that are to be shipped that day and simply drop those jobs into a folder on you network and packing slips will be automatically created without any data entry.

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