FLOPEDS Orthotic Flip Flops

From: PHILRAYS International
Published: Wed May 20 2015

FLOPEDS – The anti-flat flip-flop, a revolutionary new concept in open footwear offering ultra light, yet brilliantly comfortable and stylish designs. Although the DNA of the brand stems from performance and comfort, we believe that color is the key element in fashion, and this component comes across well in the range of products.

Designed and built with the shape of your feet in mind, and using the latest technology, FLOPEDS flip flops are influenced by the vibrant colors of nature - solid earthy tones, bright vibrant colors from fruits and flowers, to sunrise and blue skies, and not forgetting our favorites Black and White.

We believe that simplistic yet classy concepts work best, and this translates in our collections. The FLOPEDS "princess" or "glow" collection as we like to refer to it, is a simple one piece constructed flip flop, studded across the strap with crystal – this could bring a sparkle to any girl’s eyes! The "Laguna" collection, are a great everyday wear product, which are perfect for slender dainty feet. The TAF on the other foot, is a more rugged, and for your "live-in-flip-flops" type consumer…all available in the most amazing colors.

Even though the humble flip flop has been around for a long time, it has not evolved much from it original style, until now – FLOPEDS brings you the future of the flip flop, in styles and colors for every one, who love comfort and are fashionable too.
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Company: PHILRAYS International
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