Customers welcome an increase in accountability & transparency with Nav D Solutions’ TechPyjama

From: Nav D Solutions
Published: Wed Jun 10 2015

UK’s leading SEO and Digital Content Marketing firm Nav D Solutions has just announced the public release of its newest innovation in internet marketing; the TechPyjama. The name being an insignia to the philosophy of bringing technology to the comfort of your home, the TechPyjama is a revolutionary digital marketing system that allows users to build and manage their own SEO and social media campaigns. What was just previously available to high-spending PPC campaigns is now accessible to all, be it SEO, SMO or PPC. The product, an extension to their website aims at building a more transparent environment in the SEO industry which is currently marred with hype and false promises.

With the look and feel of a calculator, the system begins by asking you your total internet marketing budget. You are then further prompted to divide that budget, according to your preference into the services you want to hire: SEO, SMO and PPC. You may choose any of the options in any combination.

The company’s director Mr. Rohit Malik says that most users usually go for SEO and SMO keeping PPC at bay, which seems apparent with the company targeting local business aggressively.

On clicking further you are taken to the package configuration page, which allows you to either configure each and every detail of the package or the auto packager that builds you a package by distributing your budget wisely across all features in your campaign.

Configuring a campaign seems to be a delight among seasoned customers who liked how they could select where their money went. For example one could focus more on article submissions and leave out bookmarking altogether; each option being customizable by quantity. Just like shopping for grocery, each item has a price. A blog comment has a set price and you can purchase as many as you like within your budget.

While the idea is plain enough to understand, the concept brings in the aspect of accountability and guarantees in delivery. The company expects other companies to follow suit within the year and shift to itemized billing and transparent communication with customers.

The system offers you the flexibility of choosing your campaign targeting. There are three options available: citywide, countywide and international. With this feature the company has quenched any Local SEO concerns customers might have. One may target multiple cities, multiple countries or just the world, depending on one’s area of operation and the nature of one’s business.

The system then takes you to fill your information and review your campaign to finally place the order. You, then receive a monthly bill, just like utilities, notifying you of the payment to be made and detailed reports of all the services provided to you along with all tasks performed.

While most authorities have applauded the awaited product, competitors seem to be scampering about with new offers and cheaper prices to deal with this trend-changing facet that might overtake the industry by storm.

Customers have long been confusing about what they were paying for in the name of internet marketing and they are happy to see such a system being available at their disposal. The company’s clients, who reportedly, have welcomed the move, will be moving to TechPyjama-based campaigns within the month.

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