SEOLOGIST CEO Mayur Vyas believes time is ripe now for SMBs to take the E-commerce plunge.

From: SEOLogist Inc.
Published: Wed Jun 10 2015

Being a staunch believer of e-commerce Mr Mayur said "Our challenge is to convert those challenges into opportunity & Companies that are fastest to adapt & change are the most self-assured to gain a good share in a market that is changing at an astonishing pace ".

He added, "India’s millennial generation that is adding up to its current workforce continually seeks online beauty solutions which are simple, quick and convenient, be it for one's personal needs or for the sake of one's family or friends,well. I suppose beauty care solutionis now just a click away!

As a final note he finished by saying "Digital marketing has always been a strategic focus area for us at SEOLogist Inc. and undoubtedly we saw Iraya as a key contender in the SMB space to take advantage of our ecommerce solutions, since Iraya was an emerging brand for herbal cosmetics & organic beauty products and so we believe it would best align with our evolving business dynamics.

Mr. Rahul Kale , Vice President, Distribution Commercial, Iraya said, "We are extremely pleased to have SEOLogist Inc, one of the leading and most innovative SEO company in western India as our digital partner, Our marketing division will not be the same today had it not been for the efforts & planning put in by team SEOLogist to get the entire sales & marketing team of Iraya at par with a work culture that is typically demanded of an online business entity so as to compete & sustain in the online retail space.

he added "as a matter of fact one aspect that is often appreciated by the management at Iraya is about the way the above change was brought forth due to the business maturity that SEOLogist’s team had displayed time & again, thus resulting in the entire transformation seamlessly for us from being an traditional "brick & mortar" company to a smart Gen-Y e-retail COSMETICS company & this change not only shot up our sales volumes but it also introduced a proactive & tech savvy culture to team Iraya.

Lastly Mr Rahul went on to say "Together, we will focus on further enhancing our marketing initiatives to make our customers more satisfied and that’s our commitment to make good of the digital economy that we are all part of today - Thanks to SEOLogist Inc."

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