HELP The BIITI. A Free Information Technology Institute to Uplift Hawaiians Living In Poverty

The BIITI or BIG island information technology institute is all set to change the lives of jobless and homeless you Hawaiians. Free training in information and software technology will generate employment for hundreds of Hawaiians in software industry. Hawaii is suffering from a poor economy rendering people especially children impoverished and malnourished and homeless leading them to suicide. Funding this project means a step forward, a helping hand, and a touch of humanity towards Hawaii.

Project statement and summary

Hawaii is in immediate need of help. With an economy not worth mentioning, living conditions of the average Hawaii are deplorable. Unemployment adds to the woes of a nation reaching out for some form of sustenance. The realization of BIITI will change the socio economic fabric of Hawaii. With a project focused on a vision for the future upliftment of Hawaiian people. BIITI will Endeavour to cement the foundation of a self sustaining project resulting in long term gains for a future self reliant society.

The goal of BIITI

The future goal of the BIITI is to achieve a complete group of Microsoft trained certified software engineers skilled in all aspects of information technology. The purpose of such an Endeavour is to help the younger generation fill the immediate need for skilled workers in software and information technology.

Hawaii plays host to a multibillion dollar software industry where the majority of contracts are centered on the technology requirements of the US department of defense. The DOD features a major presence in Hawaii. Certified professionals from within the Hawaiian society can be trained to fill the short supply of workers and contractors. The presence of a syndicate provide trained Hawaiian developers will reduce the need for outsourced jobs and cater more to the employment needs of Hawaiian society. The result is a boost not only to the economy but also to the dignity of life in Hawaii.

BIITI syllabus & curriculum, covering every aspect of Microsoft based developing solutions

Microsoft net, C#, Win Forms, n-tier Development, Web Services, SQL, JavaScript and Android are just part of a vast syllabus with a curriculum covering the following modules.

 video and audio training
 live exercises
 hands on developing practice
 complete N-tier applications
 practical training

Rather than theory, BIITI will base its method of study on hands on programming creating virtual business situations for faster job orientation.

The requirements of the BIITI

The BIITI is in need of resources that will sustain its vision for a prosperous Hawaii. The role of BIITI will lay a humanitarian role in eradicating poverty by providing a nation with an economy for improved social standing where there exists none.

Leading this mammoth task is entrepreneur and expert software guru David gayness. Former contractor and d current Microsoft author, r David has been residing in Hawaii for the last ten years. He possesses not only the professional skills but the ambition to take on a project that is set to change the entire sociology economic fabric of a people.

Currently hope is the one word on every person lips involved with the big island information technology institute. Hope is you pledging your support big or small. Your donation will go a long way in giving a society something to dream about, a home, a life and a family. Every pledge of 25 $ or more will be acknowledged on a plaque listing all those humanitarians who believed that one project can uplift a nation.

Company: Big Island Information Technology Institute (BIITI)
Contact Name: david gaynes
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Contact Phone: 8774337222

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