Designer Vikki Smyth unveiling Architectural Food Cart

From: Vikki Smyth Inc
Published: Fri Jun 12 2015

IDA, utilized for pool-side and banquet food delivery, is elevating the method of food distribution, transporting the mundane burger and fry to lip-smacking luxurious heights.

Supplying the restaurant and hospitality industries with her unique "Ultimate Spread" buffet serving ware as well as her designer podiums and hostess stands for 13 years now, incorporating ‘food carts’ in her collection was a natural progression for Vikki Smyth.

Commissioned by a Las Vegas 5-star property to design a unique pool-side food cart, the contemporary white satin powder-coated, IDA, is built with 14 GA Steel and houses 6 enclosed 24"-deep shelves w/magnet doors. The offset 3"-deep open side shelves allow for numerous utensil and condiment storage providing easy delivery and pick up. Minimal in design yet functional in usage, IDA is the only contemporary food cart distributing meals with distinction.

Vikki Smyth has worked with many high-end hotels both domestically and internationally including, Hiltons, Four Seasons, Ritz-Carltons, Marriotts, MGM Grand Resorts, Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, Aria Hotel, Jumeirah Hotels, and many more.

"Since the 2008 recession, many hotels are spending much more cautiously when it comes to luxurious items," Smyth states. "This budget restraint compels the designer to be on the look-out for cutting-edge materials that cost less, thus enabling the designer to produce designer goods at reasonable costs," Smyth adds. As the economy keeps improving, the hospitality industry keeps expanding illustrating increasing demand for designer goods. Vikki Smyth’s architectural food cart, IDA, indulges the culinary mode of transport need.
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