Genemedics Health Institute Launches New Website for Arizona

From: Genemedics Health Institute
Published: Tue Jun 16 2015

Last May, Genemedics Health Institute, the national leader in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has officially launched its new site,, especially for its patients within and near Arizona.

The new site offers a simple, easy-to-navigate, and content-rich website experience. With user experience in mind, the site has been designed to be compatible with the latest browsers and mobile devices.

The Genemedics Health Institute Arizona site provides extensive information and resources which include:

• Everything you need to know about bioidentical hormones
• Men’s hormones and andropause
• Women’s hormones and menopause
• Hormone replacement therapy
• Anti-aging programs
• Genemedics Arizona locations

With this new site, Genemedics hopes to provide a resource where Arizonans can learn more about different hormone-related issues, their symptoms, their complications, and their treatments.

A free consultation with $299 value is easily accessible for every online visitor. They just have to fill out the free consultation form and submit. This free consultation is completely confidential and with no obligation.

Furthermore, the site provides social media integration and direct links to Genemedics Health Institute’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Youtube pages, where we post the latest health and wellness updates on a regular basis.

Feel free to give us your feedback on the new site by leaving us a message here.

About Genemedics Health Institute Arizona

Genemedics Health Institute is the leader in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in Arizona. Headquartered in Scottsdale with branches in Phoenix and Tucson area, Genemedics Health Institute medical doctors have treated thousands of patients throughout Arizona for symptoms related to different hormone problems.

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