Safer America Passes The School Protection Test Once Again

From: RyPul Threat Assessments
Published: Tue Jun 16 2015

Earlier this week the security consultants at RyPul Threat Assessments were asked by the owners at Safer America, a Huntington Beach California that specializes in supplying bullet resistant building protection products, to schools, businesses, homes, hospitals, casino's and banks, to put each of their three highly rated, and much talked about bullet resistant protection products to the test. Safer America offers a revolutionary door protection device called the door shield, a wireless remote door locking system as well as a bullet and fire resistant window laminate that helps protect against small arms fire, burglaries, school shootings and theft. Safer America currently has products protection schools and businesses around the country. The RyPul Threat Assessment team was chosen for the testing due to its international reputation as experts in the field of personal, diplomatic, and residential defense training as well as in close personal protection.

The owner of RyPul Threat Assessments Warren Pulley stated that " after seeing the Safer America products on a local television station, my consultants and I conducted a series of weapons test to the bullet resistant door shield and window protection offered by Safer America, we also attempted to burn the products, to find out if they held up to the claims made by the Safer America company. After conducting days long small arms fire testing, I can say unequivocally, that these products as advertised by Safer America really took a beating, but stood up to the test and did not fail, even after we fired hundreds of rounds into them from as close and three feet away. I was impressed by the simplicity at which these products are designed and how easily they can be implemented into any structure. I would highly recommend any school, home owner, hospital, bank or business looking for some really great bullet, theft and fire resistant products to give the people at Safer America a call today". Pulley also stated that "we have tested dozens of school, residential and commercial building safety devices around the world, and we have yet to see a series of products perform as well as the products offered by Safer America. If you are looking for a complete building protection system that guards against shootings, break-ins, burglaries, thefts and civil disturbances, then we highly recommend the products offered by Safer America."

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