AMA University graduate tops ECE Licensure Exam 2015

From: AMA Education System
Published: Wed Jun 17 2015

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announced that 892 out of 2,552 passed the Electronics Engineer Licensure Examination and 1,066 out of 1,483 passed the Electronics Technician Licensure Examination given by the Board of Electronics Engineering in the cities of Manila, Baguio, Cebu and Davao this April 2015. Rodolfo Catolico Salvador, Jr., a Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering (BSECE) graduate from AMA University topped both exams with grades of 88.4% and 93.0% respectively. For the Electronics Engineer Licensure Examination, Salvador tied at 88.4% with Angelo Tirao Lopez of Batangas State University.

Days after the announcement was made by PRC that he had topped the two licensure exams, the 22-year old Salvador was still stunned and overwhelmed. He relates that the night before the exams, he couldn’t sleep. He finally fell asleep at 2:30 am but had to wake up at 5:00 am to make sure he wouldn’t be late for the exams. Salvador admits to feeling a little more relaxed when he saw the questions and was confident that he would pass. But never in his wildest dreams did he think he would top any of the exams, much more both exams.

It has been a most inspiring and interesting journey for Salvador. Four years ago, Dr. Amable R. Aguiluz V, Chairman Emeritus of AMA Education System (AMAES), decided to hurl a challenge to each and every Engineering graduate in all the various AMA campuses to aim for No. 1… to be the topnotcher of the yearly board exams administered by PRC. An attractive financial incentive was given along with the challenge. This challenge was always in the back of Salvador’s mind from the first day he attended classes at AMA University in Quezon City. He gives special thanks and appreciation to Chairman Aguiluz V for the financial incentive and to Dean Engineer Demeke Bayyou and former School Director Engineer Josie Balon for encouraging him in his studies and for the constant reminder to aim for No.1 in the licensure exams. Of course, Salvador studied hard for the exams. Salvador strongly believes that his regular, voluntary teaching and tutoring of classmates and lower batches worked as a review and refresher for the licensure exams.

Like most topnotchers, Salvador was not counting on landing the top place. He would have been happy just passing the exams. But to him the best part about being No. 1 was the pride and joy he brought to his parents. He recognizes that his parents have gone through to provide a good education for him and his siblings. His special message to them, "Maraming salamat po. Wala ako sa kinatatayuan ko ngayon kung hindi sa paghihirap nyo. I love you."

It was Salvador’s father who chose to enroll him at AMA University because he believed AMA would be the best school to go to for I.T. and for Engineering. Salvador thanks his hardworking parents for all their love and hard work because he would not be where he is today were it not for them. He wants to go to Japan one day because his mom is currently working there.

Salvador likes playing volleyball and chess. He enjoys online video games and has a fascination for the cartoon character Naruto, an adolescent Ninja who constantly searches for recognition and dreams to become the leader and strongest of all. Like Naruto, Salvador dreams of excelling in whatever he chooses to do. He believes that he must work towards achieving excellence, then success will follow. He hopes his achievement will inspire the next batch of BSECE graduates especially those that he has tutored and mentored in the past.

His plans for the future? He has been invited to teach at AMA and is considering doing this for two years and then proceed to take his Masteral degree. Right now, Salvador is enjoying the moment, relaxing and celebrating with family and friends/ He is also confident that God will lead him where he can be most productive and helpful to others.
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