Waferlabs to Launch Worlds 1st phone to phone charger and high speed file sharing gadget

From: Waferlabs
Published: Sat Jun 20 2015

The number of smartphone users worldwide will surpass 2 billion by 2016 . But there is one problem that is common with all these 2 billion smartphone users - The emergency phone charging requirement has never been met untill today . Most of the time, our phones run out of battery only when the time we need it the most and as this happens on a unpredictable time , we may or may not have power banks or batteries long with us.

WaferLabs - a startup based in bangalore has unvieled a new technology that can come to your rescue when your phone is running out of battery during important times. The startup has just launched ChargerPot - the Worlds first phone to phone charger and high speed file sharing gadget.

The most exciting feature of this product is phone to phone charge sharing , High speed file sharing , high portability - its just 10 grams and comes with a fashionable keyholder design. All you need to do is to replace your existing kieychains/ keyholders with chargerpot to keep your phones charged - Always !

ChargerPot solves the major part of emergency charging requirement by converting the phones / Tablets / computers / Adapters around us into powerbanks. Basically , it converts the people we meet every day into powerbanks. So during emergency, you can plug your phone to your friends phone to get your phone charged . As i said, apart from phone to phone charging , it also supports high speed file sharing thats better than bluetooth and wifi . Apart from above features , ChargerPot can also function as your normal data cables

Bluetooth file sharing is too slow . Wifi file sharing can drain you battery in no time . ChargerPot can be the alternate till date for file sharing as it supports more than 20x speed compared to that of bluetooth consumes negligible power for file sharing !

Chargerpot converts your friends phone / tab into powerbank. So everytime you are with your friends or relatives, you have power banks around you . Whenever your phone runs out of charge , just plug your friends phone or tab to your phone using ChargerPot & get your phone charged . The most Amazing thing is that you dont require to carry any bulky things, and most importantly it make's power availiable everywhere !

The idea originated to Ameen Sayeed, a 25 year old founder & CEO at WaferLabs when he along with his friends were out for an unplanned trekking. Unfortunately, one of his friends phone turned off just before he completed an important business call. Ameen adds " This would have a great impact on both his carrer and the company he was working with . There was no power banks with us , no charging points for miles , All we had was just a bunch of friends and their phones. Everyone helpless , seeing each others face . We didnt had any other option rather than to rush back to office . I felt that emergency charging is an important issue that needs to be address". He later quit a top MNC and formed WaferLabs.

ChargerPot is made in India is manufactured at Mysore . The Startup has been selected for NASSCOM incubation program and has its office presence in both mysore and bangalore.you can find more details at www.chargerpot.com and www.waferlabs.com
Company: Waferlabs
Contact Name: mark
Contact Email: info@wferlabs.com
Contact Phone: 812328001

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