Preparing for the Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT eCFAT)

From: CFAT eCFAT Training
Published: Mon Jun 29 2015

When you walk into the Canadian Forces recruitment office in order to attempt their aptitude test, you may think back to all the time you had in preparation of the CFAT. Your dream of joining the Canadian army has brought you here this day. From the first moment you first thought about joining the Canadian armed forces to this very day, you prepared your application, went through the reliability screenings. You now write your Canadian Forces Aptitude Test. After these steps you complete your medical examination, and finally meet with the interviewee who becomes your military career counsellor. Finally you pass your physical fitness test and you enroll into the Canadian Army.
All the steps you have taken to this day has been an investment into your career. While others tried to write the CFAT based on common knowledge or going to libraries trying to piece together different info that may be of relevance, you signed up at CFAT Training and have guaranteed your success.

While your goal may be to simply pass the Canadian Forces Aptitude Test, it should not just end there. You have to aim to attain the highest possible score so that you can apply and gain entry to the best possible position within the military.
The CFAT is an aptitude test, and like many aptitude tests it is defined as testing your ability or "talent". Aptitude tests may be physical and mental (like the CFAT), but most importantly aptitude must be a developed knowledge and an acquired ability. The more you practice the greater your chance of success. The Canadian Forces has one of the worlds toughest aptitude tests and one cannot simply read a few books and attempt the test. You must learn the secrets of the CFAT from experts in the field, and practice a ton of questions before attempting the real thing. provides you with access to hundreds of sample test questions and aptitude style testing. No matter what your background or knowledge level, CFAT Training assumes you know only the basics, and helps bridge the gap between basic knowledge and CFAT ready level knowledge.
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