Culinary delights await visitors near Buckingham Palace, Brixton Academy or Kings College Hospital

From: Belgrave Hotel
Published: Mon Jul 06 2015

For those tourists who want to experience the UK and may not have time near their hotel near Kings College Hospital or hotels near Buckingham Palace to see much of London and beyond. There is always the possibility of trying Wishbone restaurant in London. This restaurant is known for its beer and chicken. This doesn’t mean order the beer and chicken separately, but to appreciate them together - with a pint of Hobo Beer or one of the other microcraft varieties.

Why not follow a historical lead and sit in the same pub where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character, Sherlock Holmes, discovered DNA. The Eagle pub near a tourist hotel near Kings College hospital offers cask ales and home cooked food that was popular with the RAF pilots returning home from war. The pilots left their mark on the pub, signing their names by lighter on the ceiling or by candlestick wax. Considered one of the oldest inns in Cambridge, eating at The Eagle is a privilege for no other reason than diners can enjoy some great home-cooked food while they see bits of the past. It is especially handy to get a great meal if diners are staying at one of the hotels near Brixton Academy or in a hotel near Kings College Hospital.

White walls, simplicity hide some of Britain's best seafood Dishes

It may be a short menu for tourists staying in hotels near Brixton Academy. But the spicy Caribbean fare is something this neighbourhood knows, compliments of Etta. The flavours are from around the world and worthy of the price to get some of the crab fritters with sweet chili dip or whole steamed tilapia with scotch bonnet peppers. However, in this kitchen, there are also great vegetable choices, such as the pumpkin-based vegetable curry that go good with the cod and chips or deep-fried, shell-on prawns.

If you are seeing Buckingham Palace or staying at one of the hotels near Buckingham Palace, why not stop off at Le Caprice. The restaurant has been a favourite for the past 30 years. It was originally opened in 1947 by Mario Gallati in the West End and had a facelift in 2005. With its classic fish cakes, this restaurant’s menu marries the older menu items with more trendy options, such as: sashimi, seared foie gras, and seared scallops. It keeps the famed ice berries and white chocolate sauce. It is both sophisticated and friendly that make this restaurant a must-eat at in London for those who are staying at hotels near Buckingham Palace.

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