Be a part of upcoming IT giants today as ITFLU starts its Indiegogo Campaign

Published: Thu Jul 09 2015

If you are keen to be a part of an upcoming legend in IT industry then you can be a part of the fund raising campaign of IT FLU on Indiegogo. IT FLU is one of the fastest growing companies that is providing services related to marketing and software development. It has given countless smiles on the face of its clients with online business.

You can be the part of this legend in making. IT FLU has started a campaign for fund raising and if you wish then you can be a part of this campaign. You will get several benefits from it, if you donate US$50 or above. Benefits are mentioned below:-

 You will get an opportunity of partnership with IT FLU and there will be an office under the name IT FLU. When you will connect to a new client then IT FLU will provide its services to such clients and you will get your part from sales.
 Videos related to the demonstration of running an online campaign will be available to you at discounted rates of US$50.
 Video related to techniques for enhancing the Pinterest posts and likes, Twitter followers, and Facebook likes.

IT FLU has nurtured its excellence exceedingly well. It has a wide clientage and high credibility. This time it is planning to expand its reach on global level. High quality and impeccable app design, web design, and print solutions of ITFLU are the prime examples of its sheer dedication and innovative approach.

It provides services to its clients after deeply analyzing all the needs of its clients and then it gives precise solution for it. If necessary, then a custom solution can also get prepared for the clients by IT FLU. You can also get a precise solution for the constant and rapid growth of your business.

There is no minimum amount limitation for anyone. People can contribute the amount they are comfortable with. If you are willing to donate a big amount for instance US$10k or more then you can do it with the help of wire transfer. For more information in this regard you can contact us on email id To reach on a global level IT FLU requires such funds. The purpose of this campaign is to raise fund for the good purpose and 20% of the fund will be donated to social welfare programs.

About the Company
ITFLU is founded by Deb. He and his highly efficient team are well educated, skilled, and experienced for the purpose. This company has earned the credibility of its clients with its spectacular and extremely productive marketing, product development, and other services. Deb is all set to make this company a legend of IT industry. Therefore, he is endeavoring to enhance the reach of company on a global level.

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