There's no time I must do everything to help him

Published: Wed Jul 15 2015

Adrian is a student in 10th grade, he studies arhitecture at Fine Arts High School in Gronowo Gorne, Poland. Adrian is my student. One of the best and most exciting students that I ever had. Besides the fact that he draws divinely Adrian is a young man whose kindness and moral stature astonishes me, makes me feel petty and small. In the best of all possible worlds, he would make college plans, plans with friends, plans with girls. And this would be his only worry.

But this child is ill, diagnosed with cancer(neuroectodermal tumor or nose cancer) when he was 10. In 7 years of illness, he took his terrible suffering in silence and with dignity. Over time he told me many things, but I recently learned his illness. There is a modesty of suffering that I learned from him.

Adrian never told me anything about his nights and sleepless horror, the horror about chemo-therapies or when he went from agony to ecstasy and then inevitably agony again. He did not tell any of the time he found out he was ill, neither when you sit under the killer rays, nor about the moment when the doctors explained to him that the only chance (how would it be to have 17 years and explain to you what is your last chance?) is to try a revolutionary treatment, which is done in a few places in the world (proton treatment at a clinic in Munich, Germany).

And this chance costs 30,000 Euro.

I did not know much about Adrian, because this good child, hid his suffering not to indispose us.

I am some teacher, from some city, talking to you about a young man which you don't know. I don't know what are the chances to get your help, but I know that Adrian has no time, and I need to do everything that I can to help. And I also know that good is unlikely, and reflects all that is best in us. And that is why it is rare and priceless.

If you find it intolerable that a child to depend on an amount that for others is ridiculous, help him. If you're among the 90% who say they have a God to believe in, help him.

Thank you very much in his name!

Prof. Waleron Piotrowski
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