S. Denice Newton Announces Release of “Cubs Rising” Offering the Ideas of 50 Children on How to Make

From: Cubs Rising
Published: Sat Jul 18 2015

When children are our next generation of leaders, helping empower them is, in many people's eyes, a very noble act. Author, speaker and founder of two foundations, Ari'el Rising Network, an empowerment movement for women and girls, and Cubs Rising, an empowerment network for children, S. Denice Newton, certainly thinks so. Recently, Newton announced her latest effort in this area, the book "Cubs Rising", which offers the ideas of 50 children on how to make the nation and world a better place. The book is scheduled for a September 15, 2015 release date and anticipation surrounding the project is high.

"These are our emerging leaders and we need to hear their voice," commented Newton, about her new book. "I know readers are going to be very impressed by the wisdom, insight and intelligence these wonderful elementary students share with us all. And their sometimes sassy senses of humor are sure to inspire some laughs and smiles."

According to the author and founder, Cubs Rising is a movement designed to help children realize and identify their talents and then put these talents to use. From future politicians to lawyers and judges, teachers to remarkable athletes, scientists to policymakers, Cubs Rising is working on paving the way for these children to change the world.

Early feedback from readers for the new book has been wildly enthusiastic.

Emily G., from Boston, recently said, "I'm so happy to have had a chance to read Cubs Rising. I can't think of something I've read in years that's so positive and inspiring. It really shows what great responsibility we have as parents and that the future may not be so bad after all. Five stars."

For more information be sure to visit http://www.cubsrising.net or http://www.arielrising.net.

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