AK Mishra’s Art of Success organized a life reforming Corporate training session in a Reputed MNC

From: AK Mishra's Art of Success
Published: Tue Jul 21 2015

The motive of the training was to lessen the stress which working professionals face to fulfill their day to day tasks and to balance their personal relationships too. Besides this, training session also focused on polishing the skills of working professional and unleash their inherent potential to enable them to lead a successful and balanced life.
Mr. AK Mishra, who is the Inventor and Director of AK Mishra’s Art of Success, being the chief motivational speaker of the seminar shared his personal life experiences, his journey from a small town to become a motivational speaker and founder of 3 organizations, viz., Chanakya IAS Academy, AK Mishra’s Art of Success and AK Mishra foundation.
The session began with an introduction about Mr. AK Mishra while welcoming him on the stage by respected HR. Success Guru AK Mishra shared deep insights on the general issues or concerns Human Being faces in their day to day lives, such as, the emotional instability, family concerns, time management, professional worries, and such more lines of thoughts, and empowered them with the ways on how to cope up with such issues in life with an ease.
Throughout the session, All the audiences, including CEO, Sr. Managers, Managers, HR, executives were so overwhelmed and enthusiastically participated in the session by sharing their basic concerns about life both in professional and personal front. Mr AK Mishra, while sharing his live’s experience and the mantras to live an extraordinary life, Said, "be the change you want to see in the world", which means how an individual should transform him/herself to ‘transform the world. Apart from this,Mr. AK Mishra also shared insights on how a Human being can take charge of his/her life and emotions. On this, He said "If you are the director of your life, you’ll tune your life according to the song of your choice, and fill your life with your own cherished colors.

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