Wyoming Author Reveals the Rugged Reality of Life in the West

From: Renee's Scribbles and Scratches
Published: Wed Jul 22 2015

In the descriptive, suspenseful style of Dani Pettrey and Terri Blackstock, author Renee Blare pens the trials and tribulations of a small Wyoming town. Nestled against the Snowy Range, Timber Springs is battling more than the change of seasons when the new game warden discovers trouble in the mountains, and it follows him straight to town.

Renee’s new series, The Snowy Range Chronicles is rugged and paints a picture of modern life in the west. Its first book, TO SOAR ON EAGLE’S WINGS tracks Rachel and Steve down their rough and rocky road to happiness.

"Better?" A feather touch slid down her cheek. "Come on. Let’s get out of this wind before we end up in Saratoga."
Her heart leapt when he tucked her close to his side.
My knight’s back.

"Set in rugged, sparsely populated Wyoming, TO SOAR ON EAGLE'S WINGS is a breath of fresh air for the city-dweller. The ideal blend of romance and suspense, it is a sweet story of love and dependence on God for safety, strength, and guidance." —April W Gardner, author and editor


Renee Blare is a graduate of the University of Wyoming with a degree in pharmacy. She is the author of Beast of Stratton which was a semi-finalist for ACFW Genesis award in unpublished Christian Fiction. Renee and her family currently lives in Newcastle, Wyoming. Visit her website at reneeblare.com for more information.
Faithwalker007@gmail.com | P.O. Box 14 Newcastle, WY 82701

ISBN: 978-1943104130
E-copy $3.99 Paperback: $10.99
Print Length: 165 pages
Release Date: July 2015

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"Looking forward to the next Renee Blare novel - superb, fresh prose."
Amazon Reviewer, Beast of Stratton.

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