Innovative arcade side-scroller launched by virtual indie-development outfit, Conka Games

From: Conka Games Ltd.
Published: Tue Sep 22 2015

Beeing Newton, due to launch globally on the 26th of September 2015, is a side-scroller arcade game with a unique game mechanic that places an emphasis on player skill. Developed and produced by the virtual team at Conka Games, the aim of the game is to help Newton save his queen, his friends and his hive by pollenating flowers and bring home the nectar. With an unfolding storyline, the wider aim is to discover the secret behind the hive’s misfortune and to restore order.

Beeing Newton is a fast-paced arcade game with novel controls and unique physics based gameplay dynamics. The game’s mechanics stem from experimentation with physics engines and the accidental discovery of a highly addictive control system, hence the name of the main character. The player must fly Newton from flower to flower, pollenating every flower in each of the hand crafted levels, liberating nectar, which can then be exchanged for power-ups or to increase Newton’s energy and skill levels. As skill levels increase, Newton becomes better equipped to tackle the increasingly taxing levels.

Play moves from the meadows near the hive, where challenges focus on character control, level discovery and the accumulation of skills, to the dark foreboding forests where new dangers lurk and attention turns to fighting the villains of the piece.

Beeing Newton is not an endless runner, and great attention has been paid to giving the player purpose with a storyline and the introduction of supporting characters. There is a definite conclusion to the game and reaching it requires skill and the investment of time and effort. Most important are the game dynamics, which despite the very simple game controls, reward timing and precision. According to chief developer, Constantine Kakoushis, "Game play is pretty unique and requires player skill. Connecting the loops from flower to flower is incredibly satisfying and is something you just want to keep doing." Aside from the gameplay and appealing aesthetics, Beeing Newton offers Game Center achievements, a global leaderboard and awards that can be posted to Twitter and Facebook.

Beeing Newton is free-to-play and available in all countries and on devices running iOS 7 or later from Septemerb 26th 2015. Making the app free to download and play reflects the team’s desire for wide-spread distribution, which was given priority over commercial considerations. "This is Conka Games’ first release and we want as many people as possible to be able to play Beeing Newton" said Constantine.
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