SKS Music announces the release of the Living Jane Podast S

From: SKS Music
Published: Sat Apr 02 2005

Director Rachel Sumner commented, "...every now and then a new technological advance becomes available which is perfect for record labels to better serve their audiences. Thankfully we have the technical talent inhouse to enable us to effectively utilise RSS and XML feeds to broadcast exclusive content to the fanbases of our srtists to their mobile listening devices. Applications to subscribe to podcast feeds are a breeze to use too, for example, IPodderX."

The Living Jane Podcast Series contains a mixture of MP3 clips, news and interviews and other content not usually available through the internet. Rachel continues, "...some fans have been surprised by what they have found in these podcasts. We sometimes have special competitions and show information which is either last minute or exclusive to the subscriber base."

Listeners can retrieve the Living Jane Series from,,, amongst other places, and for the more technical user, the URL of the feed is:

For more information about SKS Music please visit, and for Living Jane details please visit or contact:

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