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Published: Tue Nov 03 2015

Need more information about "Alternative Lives"? What if you could revisit a decision you made that affected the course of your life? What if you could experience the road not taken and learn whether your decision was the right one?

The "Alternative Lives" phenomenon awaits discovery. It promises dream transport to other lives. The alternative life dream is one of two unexpected occurrences. The second one offers a startling and dangerous opportunity. Bringing either occurrence forth requires extended sleep stasis in a chamber such as the one Harold Treadwell has designed.

Dr. Harold Treadwell is a PHD psychologist and a professor at Philadelphia's Jess Hawkins University (JHU). In spite of years of successful academic achievement, Harold has extremely low self-esteem. Memories plague him of a years-earlier incident he cannot forget.

Harold's planned study offers hope to sufferers of phantom pains that do not respond to conventional treatments and diagnoses… afflictions that come and go and can be mental or physical. Persons, so victimized go untreated while the illnesses ruin their lives. Treadwell's research is a last hope for those affected.

Treadwell devotes years to designing a unique sleep-stasis chamber and NIH grants funding for Harold's project. Harold assembles a research team to join him in his quest for the discoveries that await them. What they find is astonishing, and perilous, with implications that extend far beyond Philadelphia, PA.

Book Information:
Alternative Lives - To Sleep, Perchance to Dream ... Another Life
Author: Allen Pollens
Publisher: Kindle
Words: 83,000
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