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Published: Thu Dec 24 2015

James Matthew
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New Lenox, Il, 12/23/2015 — Inflammation of the bladder can be very serious. However there is a new holistic (PEMF) machine on the market that can reduce the symptoms of bladder inflammation. The machine is called the ORIN UltiCare LT99 PEMF Machine. (PEMF) stands for "pulsed electro magnetic field".
The ORIN UltiCare LT99 PEMF machine treats Inflammation of the bladder by treating anti-inflammatory and healing effects, as well as analgesic effect (against pain). If the inflammation occurs repeatedly, we recommend to use the device as prevention. Meaning use the ORIN UltiCare LT99 PEMF machine on a daily basis to prevent the condition from coming back.
Inflammation of the bladder Explained:
Inflammation of the bladder
We recommend to use UltiCare LT99 by the inflammation of the bladder, especially for its anti-inflammatory and healing effects, as well as analgesic effect (against pain). If the inflammation occurs repeatedly, we recommend to use the device as prevention.
Bacterial infections of the urinary tract are common infectious diseases. They usually affect the bladder and the urethra.
Inflammation of the bladder (cystitis) - symptoms include: pain by the urge to urinate, getting worse after bowel movement. Frequent urination and in smaller amounts (day and night), sometimes with blood, common is lower belly and lower back pain.
Inflammation of the urethra (urethritis) - uncomfortable feelings around the bladder, more frequent urination and turbid urine, sometimes with a little pus.
Risk groups
Infection of the lower urinary tract is typical for certain age group. It usually occurs in sexually active women aged 20 to 50. It affects women twice as much as men, and the infection recurs several times a year. Frequency of this disease in men increases after the age of 50 due to the enlargement of the prostate. Other risk factors include diabetes mellitus, paralysis by spine injury, nervous diseases (multiple sclerosis), long-term insertion of a urinary catheter and innate deformations of the urinary tract.
Course of the disease
Inflammation of the bladder usually has a rapid start, typically with pain by the urge to urinate, distressed bowel movement and a little amount of urine, sometimes even with blood. Inflammation of the bladder is usually caused by bacteria - mostly by Escherichia coli, which are commonly found in the digestive system, from where they get into the urinary tract and the bladder, where they multiply. Women are affected much more often than men, as the female urethra is only 5cm long at most, which is much less than 20cm in men. Bacteria are usually transmitted from the area of the rectum to the outer end of the urethra by a sexual intercourse or by wiping after bowel movement. The inflammation can be also caused by microorganisms contagious by a sexual intercourse, e.g. Chlamydiae.
A Chlamydia inflammation has a slower course and milder symptoms. Men usually experience uncomfortable feelings in penis and discharge of phlegm or pus, which is an accompanying sign of a Chlamydia infection, gonorrhoea and other venereal diseases. Urethritis in women is usually a part of an infection of the vagina. Itching and other accompanying sings of the inflammation of the vagina are also accompanied by frequent and painful urination.
What to do the conventional method
If problems occur, see the doctor as soon as possible. Sharp pain can be alleviated by a warm hip bath. Drink at least 8 - 10 glasses of water a day. Alcohol and coffee irritate the mucosa of the bladder and should not be consumed.
However as stated earlier, the ORIN UltiCare LT99 PEMF machine can possibly help you treat the symptoms by relieving some or all of the pain. Also it is possible to eradicate the problem. However, if you feel you should seel a doctors advice, then be sure to to that.

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