Cryptozoology and Paranormal Activity, The Mothman in London!

From: The Book of Thoth
Published: Sun Apr 03 2005

The Book of Thoth, one of the fastest growing paranormal websites on the internet, this week announced their preliminary findings into their investigation into a possible link between the 1967 Sightings of the so called Mothman, in Point Pleasant, West Virginia and a series of strange supernatural sightings of a creature known as the Highgate vampire.

Read more about their exclusive investigation by visiting and read about an interesting series of patterns that suggests that the Mothman didn’t disappear altogether when it vanished from Point Pleasant, instead it reappeared several thousand miles away.

Paranormal investigators David Farrant, Catherine Fearnley who collaborated with Isis on the first article have now published a second article entitled Ghosts, The Mothman And The Highgate Vampire which probes deeper into the psychic activity of the area, and takes a look at ley lines in relation to the phenomena.

These are two outstanding articles not to be missed by anyone who has an interest in the paranormal.

Direct links to the articles can be found at the following locations.

Mothman Sightings in London
Ghosts, The Mothman And The Highgate Vampire

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