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From: travelest
Published: Sun Apr 03 2005

Travelest, a young but fast growing internet booking sites, announced that it has finally teamed up with TravelNow. The joint enable is to provide better customer service to its user. This includes product ranges, customer's coverage area and so on. Travelest's spokesman said that "by working closely with the market leader, we aim to increased our customer's satisfaction. We do travel ourselves and we definitely know what travellers are looking for. Simply we try to satisfy all their requirements."

Travelest's ambition is to grow into a leading booking sites with many other contents being reviewed at the moment. A Travelest senior manager told the press that "we carefully review all our contents before they show up on our site and end up at our users. Our aim is to provide a one stop travel site for the Internet users. Of course we do not only concentrate on our sale, but also our information. Our users should expect high quality contents from our sites such as up to date travel news, weather condition, destination guide and so on, and yes they could definitely find them on our site. Users should find our site not only pricely competitive but also informative."

At the technical side, a technician told us that "we are working hard with TravelNow to improve our website technology, and I can tell you that it's a lots of hard work going on, but also lots have been done. The process is just a learning opportunity for everyone of us." When being asked about its perpective and future plan, it's quite simply: improvement. "Improvement is a non stop process to us and we can promise you that we would surprise you with little extras which will be added to our service at a regular basis."
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