SocialBox.Biz social enterprise helps empower homeless people to take control of their lives

Published: Sat Mar 19 2016

Identifying the problem of digital exclusion facing the homeless today, The Camden Spectrum Centre in London Borough of Camden hosted a "Laptops For Support Homeless Initiative" handover last month, providing 10 individuals on homelessness services with refurbished laptop computers in one of many upcoming events.

Recipients of the recycled laptops by SocialBox.Biz’s "Laptops for Homeless Support Initiative" are registered with homelessness services and in accommodation already.

With latest UK Government statistics showing that 3,569 people slept rough on any one night in England last year, over double the number from 2010, it’s evident that a homelessness is sweeping the country. Local agencies report that over 7,000 sleep rough in London every single night. The problem of homelessness is much bigger than rough sleeping.

"Digital exclusion and isolation is something that many disadvantaged groups have to still overcome today" said Peter Paduh, SocialBox.Biz Chairman. "How can we expect the homeless to work past their situation when they have no ability to apply for jobs or learn new skills and trades? Our Laptops For Homeless Initiative was launched to provide the UK's homeless with a chance to rejoin society and step out of the shadows."

"It's important to stress that these laptops are being refurbished and re-homed to homeless individuals already registered with UK accommodations," said Peter Paduh "We look forward to more events for this long-overdue technology handover to the people who need it most."

Camden Deputy Leader Patricia Callaghan attended the event to hand over the refurbished laptops, along with Chairman Peter Paduh, and Thames Reach Chief Executive Jeremy Swain.

Camden Council Deputy Leader Councillor Patricia Callaghan said:

Too many people do not have a home that is decent, affordable and secure. Government benefit cuts and changes to the way charities are funded are causing
sharp increases in homelessness and rough sleeping.

Despite Camden's financial challenge and severe cuts to our funding from this Central Government, preventing homelessness continues to be a priority for Camden and we will continue to invest in these services.

It was a pleasure to hand over disused laptops on behalf of Camden to individuals registered with homelessness services , which will help them get "on-line." We are proud to be able to provide assistance to people who have experienced hardship and are dedicated to getting their lives back on track.

Jeremy Swain, Chief Executive of Thames Reach, said: "These computers will give the homeless and marginalised people who receive them the opportunity to communicate with friends and relatives, develop new interests and improve access to advice to improve their skills and employment prospects."

The scheme aims to tackle homelessness via 'digital inclusion' – the access to computers and the internet that many take for granted but from which homeless people will also benefit.

SocialBox.Biz is encouraging all communities to guide individuals sleeping rough on the homeless services available to them.


### recently launched their Guide to ISO26000 Social Responsibility standard. The company is busy developing new ways to ensure all redundant corporate laptops are collected and used to the fullest of their abilities. A team of dedicated IT professionals with a passion for compassion, SocialBox.Biz will continue to research methods for even greater corporate laptop computer recycling collection and removal, helping corporations and businesses across the UK improve their Social Corporate Responsibility while helping the homeless.

For more information on SocialBox.Biz's initiative, or to view their digital cloud storage solutions for charities, businesses and security features and solutions, visit is the trading name of Trading Enterprises Limited.

London, United Kingdom.

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Thames Reach is one of the UK's leading homelessness charities. Its vision is to end street homelessness and its mission is to provide decent homes, encourage supportive relationships and help people lead fulfilling lives.

Thames Reach runs a range of services in London including street outreach services helping people sleeping rough escape homelessness, a variety of hostels and supported housing projects, and schemes which prevent homelessness and help people develop new skills, re-engage with family and friends, and get back into work.

Thames Reach works closely with local communities to ensure that it contributes to improving neighbourhoods and meeting local need.

It runs the Spectrum Centre in Camden which is dedicated to helping Camden's homeless people.


For further details contact Thames Reach communications manager, Mike Nicholas, on 0203 664 9562.
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