Creative Mortgage Puts $3 Million in Owner’s Pocket at Closing

Published: Mon Apr 04 2005

BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Buyers and sellers cannot complete a real estate transaction unless they can find the financing that is necessary to bring it about, but most loan officers and mortgage companies lack the creativity needed to close some of today’s challenging sales.

David Rubin of AGA Capital was able to create a mortgage that others said could not be done, and the result was the refinance of 72 residential condominium units, all financed in a single mortgage rather than 72 separate mortgages. It was unusual, unique, creative, but not impossible for an experienced mortgage professional.

"Fortunately I have the tools and the support necessary for the creative financing I do for my clients," said Rubin. "AGA Capital provides the flexible environment needed to bring about creative real estate transactions that others say cannot be done. We have many investors and mortgage products to give us the ability to accommodate just about any possible situation. We are not confined by tradition, and we welcome opportunities to think and work far outside the box."

This particular transaction involved 72 residential condos in the Bronx, all owned by the same man with a combined value of over $6 million. Rubin and AGA Capital worked closely with Flushing Savings Bank to bring about the refinance which placed all 72 units into a single blanket mortgage.

He said it was a win, win situation for everyone involved.

"This transaction put over $3 million cash at closing into the hands of the owner," said Rubin. It was not easy to do, and the local banks told the owner it could not be done, but Rubin knew there had to be a way.

Rubin and AGA Capital have a reputation among real estate professionals for creativity and skill to handle each unique real estate transaction that comes along. There are many situations that require creativity, such as seller concessions, alternate credit, foreign nationals, investment co-ops, no income checks, down payment assistance, high loan to value, and more.

Rubin’s greatest ability is to help provide creative solutions to commercial mortgage needs, including "no doc" and "low doc" loans. He is also able to provide high loan to value loans that are not usually found for commercial financing.

About David Rubin and AGA Capital
David Rubin sets a new standard of excellence in the mortgage industry. His exceptional level of market intelligence combined with the resources of AGA Capital provide a product that is without peer in the industry.

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