International Provider of Virtual Assistants Appoints Public Relations Consultant

Published: Mon Apr 04 2005

FISHKILL, N.Y. – International provider of virtual assistant services, Diversified Professional Business Services, has entered into an agreement with David M. Bresnahan,, for public relations services.

Shaw Scianna of knew what he wanted – an independent PR consultant he could work with in a flexible environment to produce creative, news worthy press releases and get them to the right people to bring about both hard copy and on-line media coverage.

A search for "PR consultant" on Google brought him in contact with Bresnahan at – the very first link on the search. Scianna knew he also needed to do some due diligence, so before he appointed Bresnahan to represent him he did some checking.

"I did a Google search that enabled me to find archived releases produced by David Bresnahan. I scanned through them and I could quickly see that Bresnahan is creative, and handles a variety of different business," explained Scianna.

It is no wonder that was so easy to find. It is ranked as the number seven web site in the world under the category of public relations, according to Bresnahan beats out the largest PR firms in the world for over 20 different search terms.

Scianna provides small and large businesses with virtual assistants through an on-demand system at He has enough qualified staff members to be able to assist many businesses all over the world at the same time. That is what makes Scianna’s company unique, and that is what he wants to make known through press releases over the next 12 months.

"I cannot find another PR consultant that comes close to the skills and resources David Bresnahan can provide for my company. He has a total understanding of marketing on and off the Internet, link popularity, search engine optimization, creative press release writing, and how to make all those things work in harmony. And best of all, I can easily afford him," said Scianna.

David M. Bresnahan

Shawn Scianna
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