One Manís Resolution: Help Young Men to Stay Away from Steriods

Published: Mon Apr 04 2005

NEW YORK Ô†ė Th stigma of being a "skinny runt," a 90 pound weakling takes a toll over years of discouragement faced by many young men who desperately want to gain weight. Eventually many turn to steroid use, and now one man is trying to help them.

Anthony Ellis, a fitness consultant, was the classic skinny guy. Super thin and unable to gain weight after a lifetime of trying. Finally he learned the proper way to eat and weight train exclusively for building muscle. Since 1998, he has gained over 60 lbs of lean muscle, not fat, all without the use of dangerous steroids.

"It may seem strange because so many people make a resolution this time of year to lose weight. I’m busy helping guys gain weight," said Ellis. "These young men suffer low self-esteem and lack the confidence they need to succeed in other areas of their life. I went through it and know how tough it is, and that’s why I want to reach out and help them."

He teaches other young men to repeat his success, without the use of steroids. He says the illegal use of steroids is dangerous, and has no guarantee of the desired results.

Many of the young men Ellis helps do not even know that it is a serious crime to possess or use steroids without a prescription. He spends a great deal of his time educating young men so that he can help them achieve the added muscle mass they want without the risks of steroids.

"Even with steroids, there is no guarantee that you will get bigger, stronger or become a better athlete," said Ellis.

So far he has helped over thousands "skinny guys" gain weight through muscle mass. How? Eating the right foods and getting the right exercise.

"Though we eat a lot of calories, we don’t eat junk. Our diets are healthy. Consisting of whole foods, low sugar, and plenty of fiber," Ellis explained. His students also spend time at the gym lifting weights and doing other exercises specifically designed to turn the food they eat into muscle mass.

"Make no mistake, these recommendations are not for everyone," warned Ellis. "It’s only for those of us who find gaining weight a challenge."

Ellis has over 70,000 users of his program in 100 countries worldwide, and provides more information at his web site at

Anthony Ellis

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