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From: Boots
Published: Wed May 28 2008

It is predicted that one third of new mums and almost half of all women at some stage suffer from stress incontinence, equating to approx. 4 million women in the UK alone. Many women suffer in silence, but has announced the launch of an exclusive product, designed by a mother and daughter, that could help alleviate the symptoms of stress incontinence which women find so embarrassing.

IncoStress is a highly innovative but simple non-surgical and re-useable solution, offering the immediate control of loss of urine. Made from medical grade silicone and worn internally as a tampon, it helps support the bladder and applies a gentle, supportive pressure against the urethra, which controls the involuntary loss of urine and in some cases has improved the pelvic tone muscle.

IncoStress inventor, Gaynor Morgan was inspired to find a solution for stress incontinence when she realised her mother Carole was suffering from the condition. Carole became deeply depressed as a result and then was treated for the depression rather than the root cause, which Gaynor believes is a common scenario. Both Gaynor and her mum had worked in healthcare previously - as a nurse and as a geriatric carer respectively, and so they understood the physiological issues when starting to look for a solution.

Gaynor said: "Incontinence is still regarded as a taboo subject and most women are too ashamed to admit their problem. The number of women who have lost confidence, lost self-worth and even lost relationships has astounded me, due to a problem which can be solved with a simple incontinence product."

The resulting product, IncoStress, has been supported by Mr. Simon Emery, one of the UK’s leading Uro/gynaecologists; following a series of clinical trials at a South Wales hospital which resulted in a percentage of female patients being taken off the surgery lists.

David Hurst, Healthcare Buyer for said, "Gaynor’s story is absolutely inspirational - she should be applauded for her insight and dedication in bringing out a product that could potentially help millions of women. IncoStress is an amazing product - one of the simplest yet effective designs I have seen in a long time. is really pleased to become a key stockist - a large percentage of our customers are mums and therefore the statistics suggest that many of them could be suffering with bladder weakness, perhaps in silence, and that doesn’t have to be the case."

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