Spyra Base put the screws on stolen caravans

From: Spyra-Base Products Limited
Published: Tue Feb 15 2005

Telford-based Spyra-Base are a Company on the move - with products designed to do exactly the opposite!

Their new caravan Security Anchor, developed in association with the caravan club, has been awarded the prestigious Sold Secure Gold Award. The Company will officially launch the revolutionary new product at the Boat and Caravan Club Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham from 19th to 24th February.

Designed with ease of use in mind, the anchor simply screws into the ground - and with the aid of specially designed rings and padlocks, makes a caravan secure from thieves who may attempt to tow it away or prevents a caravan from simply being blown over.

Operations Director Brent Powell said,
'Caravans are a very tempting target for thieves, because of their high value and relative ease of transportation. Our Security Anchor is designed for fast use by caravan owners – but also as the ultimate deterrent to thieves and to prevent damage from high winds.

There are a number of unique features of the Security Anchor - for example, it is hidden underneath the caravan, which makes access difficult. The material of the anchor is case-hardened to make it virtually impossible to cut through. There are other features that I
would not want to reveal publicly.

The unique design, which is a feature of our range, means that it will stay anchored in the ground, almost regardless of conditions. It can also be used on hard-standing sites as a permanent feature. This will encourage caravan owners to use that site.'

Spyra - Base have developed a patented range of ground anchors that surpass anything else on the market and have received the blessing of the Caravan Club and police authorities who have tested them.

The Security Anchor can also be used for trailers, motor-bikes,outdoor furniture and any other high value items that might be easily removable

Spyra - Base are officially launching their products at the Boat, Caravan and Outdoor Show . The Security Anchor will be on display at the Government's Crime Prevention Stand. They can be contacted via www.spyra-base.com or by telephoning 01952

Contact: Brent Powell (Operations Director) on 07977 274 138
Web: www.spyra-base.com Email: info@spyra-base.com

Latest figures show that over 1,700 caravans are stolen each year from Caravan Club members alone !
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Company: Spyra-Base Products Limited
Contact Name: Brent Powell
Contact Email: info@spyra-base.com
Contact Phone: 07977 274 138

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