Romi and Road Juliet out in the stores now

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Published: Sun Jul 31 2016

‘Vichitra Games’ brings you the never seen before concept of Road Juliet. ‘Romi and Road Juliet’ is a platformer adventure game.

We’ve witnessed a lot of Road Romeos, but have you seen Road Juliet yet?

In this game, Road Juliet has madly fallen in love with Romi. User's task is to keep Romi safe from the Road Juliet. Don’t let Romi fall in love with her.

People are already started liking the concpet of game. One user said , "its a great classic style platformer. You need to complete all checkpoints from beginning if game is over which makes it very challenging, even though there are only 10 checkpoints!"

One more feedback goes like, "I never imagined a boy is running away from a girl who is chasing him, its very funny !"

Game concept is simple

1. Move Romi to left or right with the help of Left and Right arrow buttons.
2. Jump with the help of Up Arrow button.
3. With the Air control feature you can control the Romi while he is in the air.
4. You cannot jump on the inclined surfaces.
5. Broken hearts at top left corner symbolizes the health of Romi.
6. Avoid heart objects and Road Juliet.

It sounds easy, but as you know its not easy for a boy to avoid girl for long time !
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