GLOCK Health Launches G-PURTM – The First Dietary Supplement of Its Kind

From: GLOCK Health
Published: Mon Aug 01 2016

G-PUR™ consists of a mineral called clinoptilolite. This mineral has been used as a natural remedy for many centuries. It took GLOCK Health more than a decade to develop a patented process, which allows us to prepare clinoptilolite in purified form without reducing G-PUR™’s exceptional health benefits. G-PUR™ may bind dietary cholesterol, as well as, toxic heavy metals to prevent their absorption into the body. G-PUR™ also binds microbiological toxins to prevent their absorption into the gastrointestinal tract.

"I have been fascinated by the exceptional and surprising potential of clinoptilolite since the late 1990s. All of us at GLOCK Health look forward to bringing GLOCK’s culture of striving for excellence to create beneficial health products that help more people enjoy better health and a sense of well-being." said Gaston Glock.

After extensive scrutiny, the Food and Drug Administration released a "No Objection Letter" for G-PUR™. This allows GLOCK Health to market G-PUR™ in the United States.

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GLOCK Health, Science & Research Inc., located in Smyrna, Georgia, is a subsidiary of GLOCK Health, Science & Research, GmbH, an Austrian company. GLOCK Health employs internationally renowned scientists focused on researching new ways to develop scientifically sound health products. GLOCK Health delivers high quality products, secured by a top-notch quality management system, that are based on natural compounds.

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