Spin2Win games leave Twitch.tv for Youtube Gaming!

From: Poor Ugly Dwarf
Published: Fri Aug 05 2016

Spin2Win, originally launched on Twitch.tv, is a collection of four games played through video and chat streaming services. Gamers view live video streams of the game while controlling gameplay directly through chat. We all know video streaming services are born and bread to broadcast video content in one direction, to viewers. Now, with new games like Spin2Win, viewers can interact with those same video streams. Turning video consumption into much more of a two way experience.

Play Spin2Win on Youtube Gaming and try it out: https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?src_vid=-KgPhGV29fM&v=0RthAEA9yv0

With the Spin2Win family of games, viewers visit the games YouTube Gaming video channel and can watch as gameplay happens or they can begin to send the game commands instantly through chat. The games developer, Poor Ugly Dwarf, is calling this new form of gameplay "CrowdPlay". A new style of collaborative gaming that takes the best of what video streaming services have to offer and mashes in all new chat bot technology.

The Spin2Win family of games include the games Balloon Pop, !Spin, !RGB and !GuessThatWord. To play Balloon Pop, viewers enter up, down, left and right commands into chat. Trying to maneuver an on screen balloon onto a cactus. The !Spin game lets players enter an hourly spin that giveaway sponsored digital prizes. While the !RGB and !GuessThatWord games happen all though chat and award special BinxCoins for trading, extras and ( of course ) winning!

More on how to play Spin2Win: http://binx.tv/spin2win/#howtoplay

About CrowdPlay Games
CrowdPlay games allow stream viewers direct control over the games they are watching. Viewers collaborate, play and interact with the streaming game through chat commands. While the game returns video stream results and text bot driven chat.

About Poor Ugly Dwarf Games
Poor Ugly Dwarf is an independent game publishing company. Offering a growing collection of games for iOS, Android, Macintosh and Windows play. Our latest project is the Binx Stream Assist Platform. A place for dynamic connection between eSport viewers, streamers and sponsors.
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