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What Is The THERADOME Hair Growth Helmet?

4 Out Of 5 Hair Growth Professionals Advise The THERADOME Hair Growth Helmet!

IN THE WORDS OF THE PROFESSIONALS: Laser hair growth therapy, (likewise referred to as Laser Photo-therapy-- LPT), the most powerful and effective treatment for hair loss, is exploding on the market with the introduction of Theradome. With its world-class advanced laser hair growth modern technology, the FDA-cleared Theradome LH80 PRO is advised by 4 from 5 hair loss professionals such as Bosley, Hair Club and various other noticeable medical clinics and high-end salons from all around the world. Several clinical trials confirm that our powerful Theradome helmet is among the best and most reliable hair loss treatments readily available.

Read accurate, genuine reviews sent by Theradome consumers reaping the benefits of the globe's most highly sophisticated laser hair therapy tool! Results could differ from person to person.

Simple and easy and Convenient Hair Growth Treatment.

We provide you the scientific sparkle of the Theradome laser helmet, which results from decades of laser hair growth technology study carried out by specialists. Formerly entirely available via clinical clinics, you can now delight in the clinical toughness results of laser hair growth treatment in the personal privacy of your own home. The Theradome helmet needs no prescription, neither does it involve medication that might set off hazardous negative effects with far-less powerful results. Our suggested 20-minute, twice-a-week sessions feature a hands-free and cordless operative modern technology to guarantee hair loss treatments never burden your lifestyle.

More thick, Much healthier Hair for Much less Money.

Taking care of hair loss can be frustrating and could also badly impact your financial spending plan. Although hair transplants can are an efficient hair growth therapy, they cost nearly $10,000 typically and normally call for a second surgical procedure. Oral and topical medications, which are far less efficient compared to laser hair growth therapies, come to be a reoccuring, monthly cost that could swiftly add up for many years. Developed to fit your budget, our Theradome laser helmet is a single, budget-friendly purchase of $895 and is developed to last you a life time with approximately 6,000 hours of laser hair growth therapy time.

Hair Growth Technology.

Theradome has actually merged prodigious scientific research, innovation and medicine to lastly solve the trouble of hair loss with a sophisticated, basic gadget: a hair helmet that harnesses the power of laser light with the click of a switch, achieving a scientific task that is leading a worldwide revolution in the hair restoration industry. Suggested by premier hair experts, offered over-the-counter, developed for use in the house and inexpensive for all, the next-generation Theradome LH80 PRO is developed to streamline your life while supplying you with the ultimate solution to hair loss. The faster you start, the much faster you'll see results!

We have detailed numerous real consumer reviews and reviews for the THERADOME LH80 PRO!

1. I've had my Theradome LH80 Pro for around 3 years now; I was convinced to purchase the LH80 Pro when evaluating up the costs of actual clinical laser treatments at locations like Ashley and Martin vs the one off price of the Theradome laser helmet. While the LH80 Pro was being marketed to females I had the ability to email Tamim Hamid, the developer of the Theradome and have a conversation with him on if this would be valuable for MPB (androgenic alopecia) and we generated a therapy strategy; I can not worry sufficient the self-confidence speaking with the real designer of the gadget gave me and I got the helmet.

The benefit of using the LH80 Pro for 20 minutes a day is much and past the most effective attribute of the device, as sitting down to read, or to go about my home in the evening while watching TV and even doing some light cleansing, its set and neglect, and as all of us know, time is valuable, and you won't wind up throwing away a min, either should go to a center for an hour or three, or bothering with losing even more hair.

My hair saw a rapid rise in top quality; the hair quit being kinky and slim and started to come to be larger and more thick; that made it less complicated to take care of and required much less deal with a day-to-day basis to make myself presentable. I also saw a few of the finer hairs on my head boost in size and thickness to be taken into consideration regular hair once more which was an incredible feeling.

It must be noted I went through a hair transplant 2 years back to recover 1 centimeters on my hairline; I would not have actually dedicated to the surgical treatment if I hadn't stopped the shedding I was experiencing prior with the LH80 Pro, no usage dropping a number of thousand bucks just to see even more hair decline. I have no doubts that the LH80 Pro helped with my blog post surgical treatment healing and I saw 98% of my hair retain complying with the transplant.

In regards to roi, the Theradome is among the most effective purchases I ever made and need to be a staple in anybody's hair loss therapy strategy.


2. Hello Theradome,.

I wanted to share my results from the use of the Theradome. In the very first picture my hair was shoulder length and I chose to cut it very short. I wore it short not understanding I had a medical malfunction. It sought a year of seeing my hair lost that I finally visited my dermatologist to find out why I hung my hair. The results returned that I had alopecia. I was put on two medications and I took it as prescribed. I did not see any type of recovery from the medication, however the results were that I gained a lot of weight. So, I quit taking every one of the medicines and contacted my church and I asked them to place me on the petition list. The next day I got on the computer system and a Theradome advertisement popped up. I took a look at the web site as well as attempted to speak to the woman who made use of the item to see for myself it the Theradome was genuine (note: I can not find her,) So I then consulted with a Theradome representative exactly who informed me all that I needed to know (I found her to be really sincere and genuine). Obviously I brought the Theradome and this is the results. My hair is more thick, much healthier and all natural (no perm). Prior to discovering my medical condition my hair would certainly not increase whatsoever. As you can see the bald location has filled out and my hair is growing. My objective is to get my hair back to the length that it when was and of course chemical free. I will certainly be utilizing this item permanently and I will certainly be acquiring one for my partner.

Thank you Theradome.

Deborah M.

3. I received the Theradomes today-- fantastic delivery time, only 4 days door to door!

Well, I opened one to acquaint myself with the workings. First impression - really professional. From the solid plain carton, the bring bag, the foam pads, the directions, the plug adapters and the Theradome itself, every little thing revealed a commitment to detail, without edges cut. The Theradome simply looks fantastic.

I have actually billed it and tried it and every little thing functioned equally as the booklet said. I am truly amazed.

I wish to selling these fairly rapidly and I will certainly be looking for more after you have actually cleared the backlog.

You deserve congratulations for generating such an exceptional product.

Finest pertains to,.

Roger Copland.

4. I am already starting to see arise from my new Theradome!

Julie G.

5. The Theradome LH80 item layout is in fact undersold! It's truly lovely looking item of kit (and allow's face it, a lot of laser safety helmets up to now were rather clunky and weird looking), so congratulations to the Theradome design group, it is user friendly, light to use and features clear and concise guidelines.

D Manning, Laser Hair Repair Specialist, Dublin, Ireland.

6. The Theradome ™ LH80- PRO is Certainly Revolutionary.

The Theradome ™ LH80 PRO is miles in advance in modern technology, ease of use and convenience and ought to be called for therapy for all blog post transplant patients.

Packing a $55,000.00 in-clinic laser right into a helmet that is rechargeable.

is absolutely nothing short of remarkable.

As a hair transplantation cosmetic surgeon, I feel confident in saying that the Theradome ™ LH80- PRO is without a doubt advanced. Because making use of the helmet I could truthfully claim, that as compared to all of the other available lasers (headgears, "combs", etc), the Theradome ™ LH80 PRO is miles in advance in innovation, ease of use and convenience and should be required therapy for all article transplant patients. We have actually seen better and faster recovery, little to no shock loss on the hair transplanted or existing hair with immediate sessions of LLLT in both the MEP-90, and the Theradome LH80 PRO. Packing a $55,000.00 in-clinic laser into a helmet that is rechargeable is absolutely nothing short of remarkable. No surprise that it came from the mind of a NASA scientist.


Jason Lukasewicz, D.O.

7. I have simply finished my 49th therapy (1 session daily) and the results are great. I ¹ m seeing some proper complete size hairs grow back on my temples and my bald spot on the top of my head currently has some thin protection that appears to be improving each day. My hair also appears more manageable and looks a lot far better.

Finally I want to personally thanks for making this item, I purchased a hairmax laser comb roughly 7 years ago and when I utilized it I did see some results however it was such a headache to use I would only.

obtain a month of constant use before I ¹ d obtain fed up with doing the treatments and take a brake from it. I have actually been actually puzzled why a helmet with the same modern technology hasn't begin the marketplace in the past.

Many thanks Again.

Alex Jordan.

8. I would certainly first want to inform you just how happy we are with our 2 Theradome headgears.

We are a family members of four, with two youngsters( boy and lady) in their mid 20's going to college.

Each of us has seen a significant enhancement in our hair.We use it twice a day and the results are much better.

and quicker than we might have really hoped. Thanks from all of us.

Brian N.

10. I opted for concerning a year or more with steroid shots. I began with pencil eraser sized patches October 2012. My alopecia location worsened with larger half dollar sized patches. My Alopecia was spreading out in the rear of my scalp once more no medications topical or vitamins or oils or anything I spent numerous bucks attempting to quit the spread of my baldness. I was clinically depressed and very mad. I no more seemed like a lady or a human being. I felt so severely roughly who I was - I think I was close to quiting totally. I discovered numerous companies selling items that was suggested for animal hair or horses. I saw several companies and individuals prepared to benefit from me and people like me with a disorder that makes people especially females really feel awful.

I got on YouTube checking out weaving tutorials when I saw the Kickstarter industrial bragging about the FDA clearance of the THERADOME. I was so anxious and in so much distress and pain, when I e-mailed Jenae Frick and Dr. Hamid they were so supportive and remarkable. As of this date I have actually done 69 therapies considering that January 13, 2014.


Sabra Hardy.

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