CAUTION! New Life-Threatening Viruses Are Coming Back! We Are Not Prepared!

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Published: Mon Aug 29 2016


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A new disease is quickly spreading around the world, and we're entirely unprepared-- once more.

Up until considerably lately, almost no person had actually come across the Zika virus. The few knowledgeable about the mosquito-borne illness did not believe they had any kind of aspect to be worried by it.

Currently, within the past couple of months, anxieties that the quickly spreading illness may be responsible for a surge in babies born with microcephaly-- a much smaller head and brain than typical-- have actually motivated public health officials in Brazil, where there's a particularly significant Zika episode now, to make inquiries females to avoid obtaining expectant.

Zika had not shown up in the Americas up until 2014, yet it's now spread out by ways of South and Central America and right into Mexico. As of December 31, it's furthermore spread to the US, with a locally obtained infection reported in Puerto Rico.

A content in the January 9 problem of The Lancet journal calls Zika an emerging virus that positions a threat to global health safety and security.

" Due to the fact that pandemics could happan anywhere is possibly a danger anywhere, currently is the time to step up all efforts to prevent, find, and solution to Zika virus." The Editor claimed.

There's still a whole lot that we do unknown about Zika, this includes whether or not it's definitively the reason for babies being born with microcephaly or other neurological problems.

However this break out verifies clearly both the danger that arising viruses pose to the globe and the strategy to have some sort of antiviral representative that we can utilize to try to deal with any type of new viral illness. While we can attempt throwing various anti-biotics at any kind of number of weird and strange bacterial infections, we have no similar sledgehammer for strange viral conditions, which each need to be learnt carefully prior to we can also launch to comprehend ways to fight or prevent them.

Scientists have actually been trying to stem a treatment that could be used for any type of type of virus for decades, and there are several appealing alternatives in the works. Zika, the recent Ebola outbreak, and recent break outs of illness like MERS and SARS demonstrate to just how essential and potentially lifesaving a solution like that may be-- and how frighteningly unprepared we are without one.

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PYROENERGEN II creates and uses effective negatively-charged fixed electrical energy in a manner that can eradicate the source of numerous illness such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, herpes, hepatitis, and flu.

Negatively-charged static power exists naturally in our environment. It is important to living traits and is beneficial to ward off the globe's maladies. It is a 100% naturally happening energy so it does not yield unsafe negative effects. Fixed power is therefore one of the best components for the treatment of conditions.


The PYROENERGEN II machine functions by covering the patient's body with a special electrical field constructed from negatively-charged fixed electrical energy. Exactly how the machine does this is the inventor's trade secret. When the body is surrounded by this electrical field, it produces an environment wherein the cancer cells and viruses could not recreate and mutate, and will at some point die. All of this is done unbelievely without affecting normal body cells. On a healthy and balanced individual, making use of PYROENERGEN II will certainly prevent cancer cells and viruses from being developed. Learn more ...

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The PYROENERGEN II Works Against the Complying with Diseases:.

All Major Sorts of Cancer (cancer, sarcoma, cancer malignancy, lymphoma, and leukemia).
Diseases with an Unknown Origin or Whose Reason is Unknown (e.g. Parkinson's disease, autoimmune illness).
Practically All Conditions Triggered by a Virus (also future virus mutations).
PYROENERGEN II is extremely efficient against widespread diseases such as:.

Allergic reactions.
Joint inflammation.
Bronchial asthma.
Autoimmune Disease.
Fatigue syndrome.
Diabetic issues.
Liver disease.
High blood pressure.
Kidney Diseases.
Muscular Dystrophy.
Future Viruses.

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