African Overseas Warehouse Now Available from China

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Published: Mon Oct 10 2016

The general e-commerce platforms only sell the products online, but Amanbo is different, it has its own sales way, which calls ¡°OSO¡± ¨C ¡°Online + Social + Offline¡± mode. ¡°Africa is a special market, the traditional pattern of e-commerce does not fit it. I want to do well in this market, I must break the traditional ideas and use new e-commerce mode! After 16 years of China-Africa trade and 7 years of research and development of e-commerce, I think ¡°OSO¡± mode is suitable for Africa,¡± said Mr. Sunny Liao, the CEO of Amanbo.

¡°Maybe many people know about Amanbo is a China-Africa cross-border e-commerce platform, however, we are not only sell products online, we also sell products offline, like our showrooms and overseas warehouses, customers can come to see, touch and feel the product before buying it,¡± said Mr. Fu Ruiqiang, the Director of overseas of Amanbo. He believes that Amanbo overseas warehouses satisfy the wish of African people want to buy high-quality Chinese goods and get the goods immediately.

One of the retailer has bought the goods from Amanbo overseas warehouse, he said: ¡° I used to go to China for purchasing goods once or twice a year, which nearly cost me 20,000~30,000 RMB for the fly tickets, accommodations, food and other fees. Now I can directly purchase goods from Amanbo overseas warehouse in Kenya, which is very convenient and save much cost, I can buy more goods!¡±

Another retailer also said, ¡° If I buy the goods from China, the shipment should be one month or more time, now I can see the goods and buy it from Amanbo overseas warehouses anytime I want, I like this way!¡±

Until now, Amanbo has set up six overseas warehouses in major African cities this year, there are Kenya, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Togo, Cote d'Ivoire and Uganda. According to Mr. Sunny Liao, the CEO of Amanbo, Amanbo plans to establish more overseas warehouses in Africa at the end of this year.
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