WiFi Pool Solutions To Demo Revolutionary HeaterReader™ and HeaterReader™ Control Centre At The Worl

From: WiFi Pool Solutions
Published: Tue Oct 11 2016

WiFi Pool Solutions, (www.heaterreader.com) a company revolutionizing the ability to centrally manage and control multiple swimming pools, is pleased to announce that they will be at the World Waterpark Association (WWA) Show, in New Orleans, from October 12-13 – Booth #1325. The main venues for the show, are the Earnest N. Morial Convention Center and the Hilton Riverside New Orleans Hotel. At the show, they will be demonstrating HeaterReader™, a revolutionary pool control system that allows waterparks to manage and control the heaters and pumps of multiple pools across entire waterparks.

The WWA Show is targeted at waterpark owners, operators and designers, and features the water leisure industry’s most exclusive marketplace!

"We’re excited to be exhibiting at the WWA Show," said Tanya Leshuk, General Manager, WiFi Pool Solutions Inc. "Our product can make a huge impact on how Waterparks do business."

"This is our first time attending the show, and we couldn’t be more excited as we will be unveiling the HeaterReader™ and HeaterReader™ Control Centre to the Waterpark industry!", added Don Freer, Operations Manager, WiFi Pool Solutions Inc.

The HeaterReader™ is a revolutionary pool control technology that provides users with a smart phone app to get remote access to a pool’s heater and pump from anywhere in the world. The HeaterReader™ Control Centre allows you to monitor, manage and control multiple swimming pools with one easy-to-use interface! The performance of multiple pools can all be seen at-a-glance, whether they’re in one waterpark, or across multiple locations.

In addition to this feature, the HeaterReader™ will also send you real-time email notifications to inform you when your system is running, or when something has gone amiss. That means you can resolve issues much more quickly than you could before.

The HeaterReader™ also features customizable schedules and proprietary cost analysis software, allowing you to monitor how much you’re spending to heat your pools and set schedules to help reduce the costs! And while we understand that you can’t risk turning your pools’ temperatures down too far, there is an opportunity to save money and reduce water evaporation, overnight, by lowering your heater’s temperature by a few degrees.

And it couldn’t be simpler with HeaterReader’s™ scheduling system! All you have to do is set a schedule to incrementally reduce your temperatures each night and have another to turn the temperatures back up, just in time for your guests to enjoy a perfectly heated pool the following day.

Simply connect the HeaterReader™ hardware to each swimming pool system and you will be ready to monitor temperatures, set schedules and ensure that each unit is operating effectively. And, if something goes wrong, you will be the first to know.

And, with all of these features, and more, you will be able to save money, use your time more effectively and resolve issues before they become major problems. All of which will help you provide your guests with a higher level of customer service and a better waterpark experience.

About Wifi Pool Solutions

Wifi Pool Solutions is revolutionizing pool system control and management, with the new HeaterReader™ hardware, a mobile phone app, and the optional HeaterReader™ Control Centre for companies who manage multiple pools.

HeaterReader™ is the first product from Wifi Pool Solutions Inc. headquartered in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, which is dedicated to bringing smart pool technology to individual consumers and companies who manage multiple pools.


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Tanya Leshuk
General Manager, Wifi Pool Solutions Inc.
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