MITID is the top Design School in India . We offer various designing courses such as graphic design, user experience design, product design, car designing.

[ClickPress, Mon Oct 17 2016] Behind every great product is a marvellous design. Yes! A design that is simple yet so impressive that it rightfully addresses the requirements of the customer. Before you get to experience the product as an end-user, a lot of effort goes into creating the design that will appeal and fill in the gap perfectly. For instance, the original design of cold drinks that we so often love to gulp down, was originally compact and made of glass. But as the popularity of the thirst quencher grew, its demand also increased. And thatís when the cold drink manufacturers started working on the bigger bottle designs that we know.

The shape that we find so easy to hold and the capacity that suits the requirements of the family was a result of extensive research and coming together of various design competencies to develop an appealing product.

This is just one of the many examples where we see the contributions of expert designers to fine tune the presentation of a product and give the consumers what they need. Given the extensive categorisation of industries that we know, the opportunities for designers are many. However, in order to make the most of these opportunities, it is important for students to step in with the right qualification from reputed institutions like MITID.

MIT Institute of Design is a premier academic institution that specialises in offering Bachelors and Masters course in the domain of Design. Right from understanding the facets of the product to analysing the design modules, the course delves into various aspects. This gives the students integrated exposure and guarantees a better learning experience.

To top it all, MITID invites industry experts that are able to give students an insight that empowers them to think differently. The Bachelorís program is a four years initiative where the focus is on training the students with multiple aspects of the technology. For aspirants who are fresh out of school, this course is an excellent option.

If your are aiming for specialisation, MITID also offers the two year Master program. This is an advanced level option for those who are aiming to acquire greater specialisation. Students are taught every detail about how to prepare a portfolio, understand the products, improve designs and do so much more.

The programs are excellent choices for those who aspire to build a career in the domain of design technology. So, what are you waiting for? If you have the fire in you to build a career as a designer, the programs at MITID can help you do so. Visit for more detials.

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