Sadeem Releases its Cloud Management Platform at GITEX Technology Week

From: Sadeem
Published: Sun Oct 23 2016

Forbes Magazine has described the benefits of cloud hosting business as everything from "green" to "economical". There is no doubt that cloud hosting provides both practical and financial advantages to business owners and individuals alike.

It is with these benefits in mind that Cloud Management Platform developed its fastest-in-region Cloud Platform for Hosting service providers.
Interview with Ahmad Saif

"Sadeem cloud platform is the solution that enables hosting companies to move from dedicated and traditional servers to clouds, and jump on board before the market leaves them behind." Said Ahmad Saif, Product Manager of Sadeem.

"our cloud platform is focused on simplicity, in which anyone can start with it and also grow with. It will help hosting companies regardless of their size to build their brands and reputations in the marketplace" Saif added.

Sadeem Cloud Management Platform offers a fast, easy and comprehensive solution to creating public cloud services.

The Cloud Platform sets itself apart through extending the features of the traditional cloud management systems to include an out-of-the-box solution with a monitoring system, billing system and support system ALL IN ONE.

What is more, the additional tools which help to simplify both the deployment and operation of Cloud instances. All these new features aim at making the experience of Hosting companies more convenient by focusing on selling the infrastructure rather than worrying about managing it.

Now, the hosting companies can start their own public cloud business from zero to hero within a matter of few hours thanks to its complete echo-system which helps to accelerate the process with no worries about the upfront costs.

With Sadeem.Io’s new concept "Pay as You Sell", you can start your business for free and pay small fees per each fully sold VM.

Sadeem Cloud Management Platform includes state-of-the-art features developed to meet the requirements of the Hosting service providers for an easy installing process, no special hardware requirements, user-friendly interface, self-service portal for customers and some more.

You can check all that through our online demo for the cloud platform available here, or contact us to reach one of our technical experts to elaborate to you on every aspect of the system.
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