Why Building Trust/Relationships is most important factor in B2B sales?

From: Connectfirms
Published: Thu Oct 27 2016

Now most of the B2C sales happen directly on E-commerce websites without much interaction of Big Ticket Size:
B2B sales are of big ticket size and with lot of money involved; a buyer tends to first build a relationship with the supplier and buyer as ticket size is small and it is one time buy (Ex:Amazon,Ebay).
Can it be same with B2B companies? Canone time B2B sales happening directly on E-commerce websites or Lead Selling websites give them long term beneficial relationship?

No.There are several reasons why B2B sales cannot happen as B2C do happen:

1. Decision Making Ability:
In B2C sales, consumer is a single decision-making unit, but a business is not. A business is composed of a number of distinct individuals. Many different people will likely have an influence on the decision-making process. So the B2B company is constantly trying to dig deeper, to probe beneath the surface of its relationship with the organization.

2. Few Large Customers:
B2C Company is likely to sell to thousands of consumers, while the B2B competitor often sells to just a few dozen customers, So the B2B company must look at its customers individually and make what may amount to highly subjective judgments about each one.

, once a trust factor is established between both the parties, sales happens. So Buyers tend to look more about credibility of supplier than discounts offered.

We at ConnectFirms (www.connectfirms.com) are trying to solve the problem of building credibility between buyer and supplier before initiating a sales transaction, which many B2B E-commerce and lead selling platform are not able to solve.

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