Brexit may result in a quantum leap in the number of EU company formations in Ireland

From: Company Formations International Ltd
Published: Sun Oct 30 2016

Mr Séan Kavanagh, Managing Director of CFI at a recent management breakfast meeting in Ballsbridge in the embassy belt of Dublin 4 praised the strong promotional efforts of the Irish government’s Industrial Development Authority (IDA) in drawing the universal attention of overseas companies to the fact that Ireland is at the heart of Europe. And as the UK breaks with the EU, Dublin is rapidly coming into focus as a very attractive capital city for UK and US based companies to form a company within the EU.

Urging as many people as possible to visit the Industrial Development Authority’s website, Mr Kavanagh emphasises that what they will find there is official confirmation that Ireland is a committed member of the European Union and, as such, provides companies with guaranteed access to the European market.

Furthermore, when Brexit occurs Ireland will be the only English speaking country in the Eurozone. This makes Dublin an ideal hub for English speaking organisations seeking a European base. Quoting directly from the IDA website Mr Kavanagh stated: "The brightest talent from across Europe is attracted here, mixing with our own to offer a multinational and multilingual melting pot of skills with a positive attitude to match."

In such a positive English speaking commercial environment Company Formations International (CFI) is ideally positioned to assist UK and US based companies to form an Irish registered company that is fully compliant with all Irish and EU legislative requirements.

Mr Kavanagh points out that sometimes it is easy for UK-based decision makers to overlook the fact that much of the current company legislation that is operating in Ireland is in fact rooted in UK company law. For this reason it can come as a welcome surprise to UK business people to discover how 100% tuned-in we are to their requirements and how quickly and efficiently CFI can provide them with the EU-based company that they need.

Company Formations International Limited is licenced by the Irish Department of Justice to operate as a Trust and Corporate Service Provider since 2010 under registered number TCSP/APP148/2010.

And with Brexit increasingly dominating the headlines both in Ireland and in the UK Séan Kavanagh’s advice to UK-based companies who may be exploring the advantages of forming a company in Ireland is simple.

‘My threefold advice is as follows:’ Kavanagh says.

First – don’t wait until Brexit happens! Now is the time for all interested parties to gather as much information as possible about the tax-benefits and advantages of forming a company in Ireland. These benefits are considerable and are well worth exploring.

Second – talk to a well established and recognised Dublin-based company formations specialist as early as you can in the overall consideration process – preferably an officially licensed TCSP company formation provider.

Third - Keep in mind that an established company formation agency will have a level of hands-on knowledge and expertise which few, if any accountants or solicitors practices can match in this area. These are the experts and can make everything run smoothly for you in the run up to, what promises to be, a high activity time for company formations in Ireland.

As a well established licensed Trust and Corporate Service Provider, Company Formations International is ideally positioned to assist and guide everyone about forming an EU company in Ireland. Sean Kavanagh may be contacted directly in CFI at
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