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From: Furnishr
Published: Tue Nov 01 2016

Furnishr was founded in May 2015 in Toronto, Canada by Michael Van and Karen Lau and recently set up an office in New York City. Furnishr is a turnkey furnishing platform with beautifully furnished room designs to be delivered and assembled in a single day. All you need to do is to purchase a room design, and all the furniture and decor items will be delivered and assembled in your room all at once. Each room takes about ninety minutes to set up. Furnishr offers services to all of North America in five to twenty business days

Furnishr started with the simple idea that furnishing a home is a pain and we could make this process much easier. We help our clients get back to life while we transform an apartment into a beautiful home. People don't realize how much time it takes to research different furniture styles, trying to find the piece in a store, then figuring out how to get it delivered and assembling it yourself.
Company: Furnishr
Contact Name: Karen Lau
Contact Email: hi@furnishr.com
Contact Phone: 9298887181

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