Netac Unveiled Its New Dual Ports USB Flash Drive for iOS Devices

From: Netac Technology Co., Ltd.
Published: Wed Nov 02 2016

Netac Technology (SHE: 300042), a flash memory products manufacturer in Shenzhen, unveiled its first USB Flash Drive (Model: U650) for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, provided a better solution when Apple products users are confronting the problem of insufficient memory.

"As the inventor of the USB Flash Drive, we have been walking in the forefront of new technology in this field," said the product manager of Netac technology, "but at the same time, we should be more practically to solve the problems that vex every single user." The ever-increasing demand for phone memory mainly manifests in downloading mobile app, storing media files and other applications. Some users, especially those with 16G iPhone, have to backup and delete some files in the phone regularly. Under this circumstance, it takes users a lot of time to manage the phone data which may make the daily use logistically difficult.

Netac U650 USB flash drive not only solved the problem of expanding storage for your iDevices, but also makes data management easier. With Netac iDisk app, when plugged into devices, one can easily access to videos, music and photos in mobile phone and perform browsing, deleting, backing up or other functions. However, if the memory in the device is full, one can choose to transfer the data from phone to USB flash drive. In this case, it would be the best for users to choose USB flash drive as the place to save when taking photos.

Some people may have concern about privacy problems when using such a simple but powerful storage tool, Netac Technology had taken this detail into consideration. Users are supposed to encrypt and decrypt their data by Netac Software which can be installed both on Widows PC and mobile phone. Netac owned multi-platform encryption algorithm for mobile storage can protect classified information from use by unauthorized personnel effectively. Besides, users are also supposed to open the touch ID of iOS devices to open iDisk app.

What surprised to users all is the pricing of the products which has an obvious advantage over the most same products in the market. Specific information – including capacities, pricing of the products shall be subject to the authorized online store on Aliexpress.
For more details: Please visit U650 USB flash drive product page.

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Netac focuses on manufacturing of flash memory products, such as USB flash storage, portable hard drive and solid state disk, especially on security and encryption of USB flash storage and portable hard drive. We have a wholly-owned production base for processing of all flash storage products.

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